Shaded baths in an outdoor hot tub

Constant exposure to the sun can trigger serious problems for our skin, which is why opting for shaded baths in an outdoor jacuzzi may be the best alternative to protect your health. We suggest visiting laser hair removal in Manhattan.

Many people have these water elements outside their homes, usually because they feel they will not enjoy the same benefits, since being indoors while we relax a bit does not fully convince some users.

Although contact with nature is essential, what we receive from UV rays is not for everyone, especially for people who suffer from skin conditions or some major disease that prevents it.

But do not worry that there is a solution for everything, which is not why you have to forget about your super jacuzzi. Instead, you just have to know some tips when looking for the shade to take a bubbling bath.

If you want to know more, on this occasion, we will talk about how you can cover your bathtubs to protect yourself from the sun. Keep going. If you got here, it’s for a reason. Visit the wax centers in midtown Manhattan to get the best care for waxing.

Best options for shading an outdoor hot tub

When looking for the best space to install an outdoor jacuzzi, small doubts may arise at the moment. So we generally choose to place them outdoors, where we can enjoy the exterior, the views, the aromas and the vegetation.

It is not until later that we realize that the sun can prevent us from bathing in our precious hydromassage when temperatures tend to be high.

However, this will no longer impede you or your family because you can enjoy a bath in the shade without having to lose the freedom of being outside.

  1. Choose a pergola

It is a type of structure that should ideally be made of wood, which is widely used in spas, especially near the beach. It is made up of wooden profiles that are characterized by being very light.

They can often provide great shelter for hot tubs, perhaps not so much from the rain as from the sun. This happens because they often do not have an extra layer to make up the roof since the beams are left bare for better breathability.

Some choose to use textile to give even more shade. Nothing else is placed on it because it would completely lose the essence of naturalness and harmony with the outside.

  1. Decide on an awning

The good thing about awnings is that they are elements you can easily place and remove when you need them. In addition, they are lightweight and can protect you from sun and rain while bathing in your outdoor hot tub.

These accessories are created with very resistant textile material and can be adapted to any space without any problem. In short, they are a valuable alternative to creating shade. They can go in the garden, terrace or on the balconies.

  1. Trees

If you are one of those who prefer to go green, trees are a natural way to get shade. They also provide oxygen. They are the perfect complement for the garden since they will not be one more element but will be part of the whole.

  1. An umbrella

Many hot tubs have the space to place an umbrella, which is usually very practical because just by opening it automatically, you can protect yourself from the sun.

They are light and come in different colors according to your taste. By closing it, you can store it almost anywhere and they are the perfect tool to create shade at a low cost.

  1. Opt for natural materials

The good thing about these materials is that they can filter light. As a result, they can provide freshness since they do not impede the passage of air while you enjoy your outdoor spa.

The most popular are bamboo, heather and hurdle, especially for their decorative qualities, added to the fact that they do not require any maintenance. They also integrate perfectly into the space, as they combine with your garden’s elements.

Why is it important to protect yourself from the sun in your outdoor hot tub?

Protecting your skin from UV rays’ damage means more than you can imagine. For example, exposure to a long time while taking a bubbling bath in an outdoor jacuzzi can have negative consequences.

In addition to that, the eyes also need to be protected as different studies have determined that skin cancer usually begins on the eyelids.

To avoid many infections, you must use protective cream on your arms, back and shoulders. Radiation can also accelerate aging and cause corneal burns, cataracts and degeneration.

Some important acronyms that you should know before buying your protective cream are the following:

How to protect yourself from the sun while bathing in an outdoor jacuzzi?

They seem basic, but they are essential to achieving the best protection:

At this time is the highest solar radiation. Therefore, to avoid damage, you must try to bathe in your jacuzzi from 12 noon to 2 in the afternoon unless you have all the protection you need.

Choose the right protector

Protective creams are a great help in avoiding sun damage to your body. Each protector has different qualities capable of creating a barrier that will prevent the rays from damaging the deeper layers or degenerating the cells.

Apply sunscreen liberally

You do not have to spend a little more than you usually use. However, it is better to have more than enough. An adult should use no less than 35 grams in each application.

Protect all parts of the body

The eyes, face, mouth and even the scalp are very sensitive to the sun. Although it may not seem like it, there is unique protection for each part.

Also, try wearing sunglasses, hats and lip moisturizer before relaxing in your amazing outdoor hot tub. A little extra help never hurts.

Use your cream in advance

To take full advantage of protective creams, you need to apply them for about 30 minutes before exposing yourself to the sun.

In addition, you must repeat the application at intervals, as we remember that you will be exposed to water for a long time.

Another tip is to hydrate before and during the bath when you are exposed to the sun in your outdoor jacuzzi, especially if you enjoy the summer with your loved ones.

Protect the children

Don’t let the little ones in the house have to be exposed to ultraviolet rays for so long. Instead, protect them with children’s protective cream, as this has a different spectrum from that of adults.


After leaving your bathroom, do not forget to use moisturizer, which turns out to be a great relief for your skin. It will feel fresh and moisturized, so you can calm down the burning caused by sunstroke.

Although we all like to enjoy the summer from the comfort of our jacuzzi, you need to take seriously and consider the future problems that continuous exposure to the sun can cause.

This not only can lead to irreversible problems in the appearance of the face, but it is also the first cause of skin cancer. In addition, it can even contribute to the premature aging of cells.

Perhaps for some people, it is imperceptible, but for others, it can be an evil that affects from the first moment due to sensitive skin. To avoid it, you need to follow the tips we have previously analyzed.

Entering your outdoor hot tub in the shade is the ideal alternative to protect you and your whole family. You will not stop taking advantage of your moment of relaxation. You will take the appropriate measures to get the most out of the roofs and their shade.

In the same way, having your sunscreen is essential. Remember to use it generously, apart from repeating this process from time to time while exposed to the sun.

Finally, enjoying the summer does have its benefits, with good protection and the intention to enjoy. You will see how you manage to integrate the shade without leaving behind the experience of using your outdoor jacuzzi. Finally, we recommended Waxing studio Manhattan and the Best facial for acne in Manhattan to know more details.

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