4 plant foods rich in protein

Rich in protein

Often mistakenly we think that the only alternative if we want to lose weight is to happen to the chicken breast grilled and salads of lettuce and tomato. Such diets are so monotonous doomed to failure and I think with reasons more than justified. Who could be always eating grilled chicken unfinished hating all winged animals?

Is it true that when planning a diet either to lose weight, training, defining our body or increase muscle mass, we must increase protein intake to replace a percentage of carbohydrates, but not the diet should be boring and repetitive. Luckily, the possibilities are endless and there are many sources to draw on for protein. Indeed, there are many plants that give us almost as much protein as meat. Today I’ll talk about 4 of these foods; QUINOA, tofu, seitan and vegetables.

Rich in protein
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Quinoa or quinoa, as it is known in South America, it is grown mainly in Bolivia and Peru.

No wonder the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) has named the food of the year in 2013. This food with an incredible nutritional value, is the cereal with more proteins of all. Its protein content is twice that of any other cereal.

Some of the amino acids it contains, include lysine, an essential for brain development and arginine and histidine, essential for the growth and development of children amino acid.


The tofu is tofu. An essential food in the Japanese diet. One of the healthiest diets in the world. It is derived from soymilk, being an extraordinary source of protein. Among 8gr and 10g of protein per 100 grams of tofu. Hence, it is a food very looking and valued among athletes, vegetarians and vegans. In addition, low intake of calories and fats make it an ideal complement to any diet to lose weight food.

On the other hand, those who need to lose cholesterol levels may resort to tofu. As a food of vegetable origin, cholesterol content is zero.

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This food will have it very much because I have spoken of the in my last post. As I commented days ago, it is a food widely used in traditional Japanese and Chinese cuisine. The Seitan is wheat gluten and hence its texture is very similar to that of meat. Its protein content is very high, you can reach 20g per 100g of product. Even more protein than some meat! With the advantage of being of plant origin contain cholesterol.


Legumes are a very healthy source of protein. Not only bring us a lot of protein, but also help regulate our pace and intestinal flora thanks to fiber that gives us. This same fiber gives great satiating power and helps regulate and reduce our cholesterol levels, preventing cardiovascular disease.

Its low glycemic index and the ability to regulate the levels of blood sugar, make it a highly recommended for people food with diabetes.

Especially lentils are rich in iron, so that in cases of anemia may be a food to be taken into account. That if, in order to absorb iron from lentils should consume accompanied by some acidic medium, as it can be a rich orange juice.

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