Appetizer Christmas with beetroot

Christmas Tree Recipe

This vegetarian recipe is great both from the aesthetic point of view that because of the taste.

You can use it for the starter of Christmas Day with the absolute certainty to impress your guests.


  • Beetroot
  • Cheese in cream
  • Spinach
  • Salt and pepper

Christmas Tree Recipe
Credit: Google Image

How to make the Christmas trees with red beets as an appetizer

Carefully wash the beetroot and boil them in their skins.

Wash the spinach and saute in a pan with oil, salt and pepper and a little water if necessary. When they are cooked put them in a blender with a little of the cooking water.

Stir the mixture of spinach with cream cheese. Enter this cream in a pastry bag.

Peel the turnips boiled and cut into rounds.

At this point you just need to make Christmas trees, alternating a layer of cheese a creamy spinach and a slice of beetroot.

Refrigerate until just moments before serving…

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