Causes and treatment of swollen legs

Swollen Legs

Although the warm months are the worst for people, who suffer from swollen legs the truth is that there are people who suffer at any time of year.


There are many causes that can produce the legs, usually ankles swell. It is not a disease but a symptom that some regulatory body fluid balance, is malfunctioning.

The most common cause of leg fans is to be long standing or sitting, when organs such as the kidney or the heart or veins (SVP) are insufficient.

Swollen Legs
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Varicose veins are a determining factor in direct relationship with this sign. Pregnancy is another cause; and a decomposition of some minerals such as sodium, and lack of proteins in the body by a poor diet in them, and sometimes rich in salt-laden substances; alcohol or medicinal as cites; cirrhosis; infections; lymphatic problems; Excess food with gluten, white flour, sweets in excess; ultimately an unhealthy diet and obesity.

The most serious causes may be due to kidney problems, heart or hydroelectric decomposition metabolism.

Symptoms of swollen legs

The most common symptom is pain heaviness and varying with different subjective characteristics. Congestion often asymptomatic, when it refers to pain. The most obvious symptom is heaviness refers the patient, sometimes with relatively moderate pain.

Exceptions that feels like an explosion, or nailed chips, palpitation, heat, tingling, itching, eczema …; fovea sometimes occurs (fingers touching the skin are marked) being a very marked and obvious sign of swollen legs.

The sign of inflammation, apart from the fovea, which is the most noticeable in the swollen legs, from observation, is when the ankle, malleolus, deformity disappear edema, and to remove footwear brand is evident.

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Many people have swollen legs, sedentary problems. The sitting position makes the saphenous veins of the legs, passing through the groin, inguinal vein, find difficulty in flashback blood at that point, by the curvature / angulation produced and enforced for many hours, and the pressure also belly on the lymph nodes, many obese people, which makes it more difficult return. Therefore it makes liquids (blood serum) extravasate outside veins, causing swelling.

The backflow of blood from the legs, is not only stimulated and pumped by the heart, but also by the activity of the muscles of these, which make hydraulic pump when moving by walking or doing any physical activity.

Natural treatments that can relieve swollen legs

  • The most important natural treatment for swollen legs, is physical activity. Walking one hour every day, or you can, in cases of heart disease and respiratory, or other traumatic character.
  • Raise legs with reclining body when this time on an armchair. Not good raise your legs and let your body straight (right angle), because more swell.
  • Herbal medicine as an adjuvant: red vine leaves; blackcurrant; dandelion; sundew;horse tail…
  • Take in the raw vegetables or juice diet, every day, and fresh fruit.
  • Avoid constipation (constipation) intestinal, through diet and movement.
  • lymphatic drainage through lymphatic massage techniques.
  • Homeopathy: Aesculus hyppocastanum 5 s; Amamellis virginiana 5 CH; Pulsatila 5 s; Sepia officinalis; Vipera redi; Sulphur 7 CH; Tuya officinalis 9 CH.

In the case of using homeopathy, I advise of advice by a specialist in the field, by the complexity of individualized treatment. However , they can combine homeopathic exposed here, alternatively on alternate days. Three pellets of each under the tongue tid.

Other therapies

  • Lymphatic drainage.
  • Massage therapy for venous return.
  • Osteopathy abdominal organs to raise sagging (ptosis); Portal congestion;mechanical constipation …
  • Basic gymnastics.
  • cold showers, or dip your legs in cold water
  • Cold bandages.
  • Becoming vegetarian.

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