Do babies cry asleep?

babies cry asleep

Babies cry asleep- You watch your baby sleep peacefully and suddenly, for no apparent reason, he begins to cry inconsolably even though he is still asleep. It is a sleep disorder of the little one that disappears with the passage of time.

Many mothers question whether babies cry asleep because the baby’s sleep is a matter of great concern. The rest of the children influences the alteration of the mood and behavior of the child. In addition, it has an irreversible impact on the well-being of the mother.

The first thing you should keep in mind is that if your baby wants to communicate with you, he will do it by crying or complaining. Therefore, they tend to cry to let you know that something is happening to them and they require your attention.

It’s possible that sometimes the baby’s crying woke you up in the middle of the night and you thought you needed attention. To your surprise, it was not like that, because his eyes remained closed and he was still asleep. This situation is more common than you imagine, but many mothers do not know what to do in these cases.

Why do babies cry asleep?

babies cry asleep

In the baby’s early years, it is common to wake up frequently during the night. Babies have a different sleep cycle than adults.

On repeated occasions,  babies find it difficult to fall asleep even if they feel exhausted;  this causes them to cry while they sleep. Some even try to return to sleep, but they do not succeed because they do not know how to do it. The reason? They need you.

The nightmares are another reason why babies cry asleep. As adults, they dream and most of their dreams are associated with their experiences. Keep reading

Sleep disorders in babies

the babies cry asleep

Many parents worry about knowing if it is normal for their baby to sleep a lot. Read more: 5 Health Tests That Every Woman Needs

The baby goes through several phases of sleep that are part of their development process, such as night awakenings. These can be mild, like when the baby makes a sob or a soft moan.

However, there may be crying that is more persevering and distressing and, therefore, causes more alteration in the child. This is known as night terrors.

In both circumstances the same behavior is repeated: when the mother comes to take care of her baby, she corroborates that, although she is crying, she is still asleep. The reason for this disorder occurs when the baby is in the slow sleep phase, also called Non-REM.

In the Non-REM phase, the baby is immersed in the depths of sleep. Therefore, he is not able to wake up completely and does not fully realize what is happening.

When babies cry asleep they may feel agitated, confused and frightened and are unable to react to external stimuli. Night terrors are of short periods; They last a few minutes, after which the baby falls asleep again.

In the meantime, when it comes to confessional awakening, it may take around 5 to 15 minutes. If you try to comfort the baby, the situation gets worse and the episode gets longer.

What to do to calm the baby’s crying if he is still asleep?

best babies cry asleep

If your baby cries but his eyes are closed, the ideal is to have patience, wait and observe. The fact that he cries or makes a noise does not mean he wants to wake up. As long as your eyes are closed, it is a sign that you are still asleep.

It is essential to pay attention to the sound of crying when babies cry asleep; this will determine what kind of need they have. You may be cold or hungry, and if your basic needs are not met, you will not be able to fall asleep quickly. It is essential that you always attend to the moment so that you feel better.

When these awakenings happen at dawn, they should be silent and calm so as not to awaken the baby anymore. He attends to his needs with a dim light and avoids turning on bright lights so that he understands that during the night he must sleep.

Finally, take into account that, if your baby makes some noise when sleeping, it is absolutely normal. On the other hand, if the child cries or complains, you should look to see if he is awake or not.

Advice for the mother

The most important suggestion is that you do not try to wake the child during these nocturnal incidents. A key strategy is that you remain silent with him and wait for him to calm down.

In short, these awakenings may occur spontaneously, but they may also be caused by some external stimuli. For example, they could be caused by some persistent noise or a change of position in the bed. Hence, it is recommended to avoid any type of alteration during the hours of rest.

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