Your hands are sweating: 5 top remedies to avoid it

hands are sweating

Tired of sticky hands? Maybe it’s better to know more …

Some call it hyperhidrosis palm or who, more simply, calls them “sweaty hands”: they are different ways to talk about the same disorder. First date, he is approaching to kiss you and you do everything to not to put his hands on his face because you consider them not very sexy?

Job interview, do not you want your possible future boss to focus on that tightly calculated squeeze and themes that judge you because of the humid palms?

In any case, always remember to present yourself at best: we only have one chance to make a good first impression!

That of palm hyperhidrosis is not a very frequent phenomenon but, not for this reason, it is not considered annoying. Our body is naturally brought to expel the sweat, especially in the summer, and most of the time this happens because of a vicious circle of the type “because I’m afraid of sweating”.

hands are sweating
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If you are looking for some advice, you are in the right place!

1. Wash your hands

Quiet, nobody here thinks that your hygiene is not enough, just that some small trick could really help you pass the interview or, perhaps, to conquer the man of your life. Wash your hands often, not always with soap because, although it is dermatologically tested, it could also dry your skin, and make sure you dry it well: if not, the sink water will mix with your sweat and we are more than certain that this would not do for your situation …

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2. We are what we eat

Feuerbach, a German philosopher of the late 1800s, used to say that “man is what he eats”. This is not a brief history lesson but a serious truth: nutrition has a major influence on our body and, obviously, also on our perspiration. Avoid spicy and overly spicy foods (yes, even if they are considered aphrodisiacs ) and say goodbye to carbonated drinks and over-sweetened dishes.

3. Trust the talcum powder

This is a grandmother’s remedy for sweaty palms and provides for the application of a thin layer of talcum powder before tackling risky situations. Some grandmothers from overseas also recommend baking soda and cornstarch : choose the one that seems the most suitable and, especially not negligible, what is already in your home!

4. Apply the deodorizer

Surely it is the case not to use a roll-on deodorizer , as Katy Perry does, but know that spraying a little ‘deodorant on your hands can help you control the perspiration. As they say … Tentar does not hurt!

5. Breathe

There are no scientific reasons why our hands are sweating more than they should and most of the studies report to anxiety and stress. We are aware that it is anything but simple but it may really be enough to calm down. When you feel the panic approaching, try to control your breathing, think about what is going to happen and try to reassure yourself. The results will not be visible immediately but in the long run you will be better and … you will finally be happy (and with dry hands).

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