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wear a scarf

Latest women fashion news – How to wear a scarf. Scarves are worn in all countries, regardless of the local climate. In hot places, they cover their head to keep their hair clean. In the cool season, the scarf is used to protect the neck, ears from wind and frost. Over time, the scarf underwent small metamorphosis and transformed from a traditional suitable thing to a fashionable wardrobe element. Modern ladies wear a scarf not only on the neck or head, but they are tied to the hips, waist, handbag. Read more: How do children lead a healthy and healthy lifestyle?

best wear a scarf

The typical way to wear a scarf – tying it on the neck. There is a huge number of nodes. It is allowed just to wrap it a couple of times around the neck, tie it in the usual way. This method is especially suitable for wearing winter clothes. Still, there are not a few ways to wear such a scarf, let’s try to simulate some of them.

How to wear a scarf

Wear a scarf throws on the neck, cross it, one of the ends let in the ring around the neck. The knot goes to the side. It looks interesting, unusual. Wrap the scarf around the neck so that the end is behind. Tie a neat knot. The latest innovations of fashion – one end is allowed to throw more and longer and tie on the side. Read more: Fashionable short haircuts of 2018-2019 – the best ideas and models!

best wear a scarf

Silk scarves have always been a sign of genre, taste. Modern designers invent not only ordinary rectangular scarves but square, triangular round. The material for sewing scarves can be silk, cashmere, velvet. Cold scarf from a latch in warm weather on a neck becomes a stylish accessory, addition to a summer dress or a spring raincoat. In particular, it is worthwhile to note the scarfs of crepe de chine, due to their own airiness, they stunningly match the lady.

Wear a scarf – a fashionable wardrobe, the one that is forced to be in every prelestnitsy. The latest novelties of fashion – color and monochrome, cheap, exclusive handmade, woolen and silk scarves are able to highlight your feature and create your unique image.

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