How to prevent a Christmas tree from drying out

When you invest in a stunning real Christmas tree, you’ll want it to last as long as possible. It looks great, it smells wonderful, so how do you go about ensuring its longevity well into the New Year?

  1. Focus on the branches

Try to choose a real tree with the most flexible and softest branches. It’s not a good idea to buy a tree with broken branches and ideally, you’ll want one with a trunk that feels slightly tacky to the touch so you know that the tree is not already suffering from dehydration.

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  1. Needle dropping

Possibly the biggest gripe for being choosing real trees is the shedding of needles. However, when it comes to shedding, not all Christmas trees are made equal. Some species retain their needles much better than others, such as Nordmann Fir and Scots Pine, for example. For a Real Christmas Tree Leicester, visit a site like

  1. Take maintenance seriously

A real tree requires a bit more of a commitment to keep it in top condition. Before doing anything else, saw a couple of centimetres off the end of the trunk (if it’s not already been done for you at the tree farm). Next, soak it in some water before taking it indoors. It’s a good idea to further cut another couple of centimetres from the trunk to make water absorption easier. This will help to avoid the tree suffering from dehydration which in turn leads to more needle loss.

  1. The stand

Whatever stand is used, it should ensure that the tree is stable and secure and offers ease of access for regular watering. A tree can also be placed inside a waterproof container and steadied with stones or bricks. Avoid planting the tree in either soil or sand as this can stop it from absorbing enough water.

  1. TLC

Ideally, the tree should be positioned in a sheltered place that is away from radiators and fires otherwise it will dry out. Be sure to top it up with water on a daily basis as a cut tree can consume a litre or more a day, especially a big tree.

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  1. Recycle

Once the festive season is over and it’s time to clear away the decorations, what can be done with the beautiful tree that should hopefully still be healthy and lush? Find out about local authority recycling services. Many local authorities across the country will offer either a collection service or advise where the nearest drop-off point is for the recycling of real Christmas trees.

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