Prepare for the bikini season for 5 minutes a day as possible. One nuance: you need to practice every day. We’ll figure out what the result expects us, say, in a month, if we make a bar every day.


A muscle group called the cortex muscles, due to the load received in the bar, becomes stronger, which gives the formation of a correct posture and a beautiful profile. Regular standing in the bar will tighten and strengthen the buttocks, as well as straight, oblique and transverse muscles of the press. It is inconceivable that just one exercise, in which you do not even need to move, uses so many muscles. Read more: Rare childhood diseases: phenylketonuria, celiac disease, Gaucher’s disease, cystic fibrosis, hemophilia

BALANCEbar every day

How long can you keep your balance by standing on one leg in a shallow position? For this balance, the abdominal muscles that we strain in the lath are responsible. Bringing them into tone, you will be much easier to deal with any kind of fitness. Read more: How do children lead a healthy and healthy lifestyle?

METABOLISMbar every day

For those who want to lose weight: standing in the bar regularly, you will burn more calories than doing standard exercises for the press. Devoting even 10 minutes a day to such a load, you accelerate the metabolism so that even at night the body will continue to burn calories, and the body, respectively, loses weight.


Strengthening the abdominal group of muscles affects the condition of the neck, shoulder girdle, back, and waist, straightening them and supporting them in the right position. It is only necessary to start making the bar, as others will notice your posture improvement.


From the wrong sitting and uneven distribution of weight, which we raise, first of all, our back suffers. This entails a lot of uncomfortable conditions, which you can cope with only in the office of the chiropractor. Daily execution of the bar without overloading the back and thighs strengthens the muscles of not only the upper but also the lower part of the trunk, which negates the risk of back pain.

The body will become FLEXIBLE

Incredibly, but the fact: without making any inclines or twists, standing in the bar, we stretch the ligaments and muscles, from the shoulders and ending with the toes. To do this, the base bar can be diversified by the following variations: performing a sidebar, standing, on one hand, a bar with a raised leg, and a bar on elbows, instead of focusing on straight hands. All these positions can be alternated in one 5-minute approach (for the beginning of the day this will be enough). Thus, the basic muscles will be worked, the flexibility of the whole body will increase and ease in movements in everyday life will appear.


Strengthening the muscular corset in the waistline affects not only the visual condition but also the emotional. Strong abdominal muscles – the pledge of normal intra-abdominal pressure and, as a consequence, the correct outflow of venous blood from the organs, which gives a surge of energy. With sedentary work, the body becomes numb and physical tension is reflected in the nerves. After a week of doing the strap, nervousness, irritability, and apathy will no longer have any bearing on you.


The bar every day- arm yourself with a timer, pick up the nice music and do not forget to breathe properly in time – coupled with powerful motivation, the effect from the bar will not take long.

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