Manicure Trends: Top New Arrivals in Fall 2018

Manicure Trends

Manicure Trends- On the eve of the new season, which means that the modern trends are replaced by new ones. And although the nail-masters will use all the same options for techniques and decor, the color palette and interpretation in the autumn manicure will change somewhat.

So, if we talk about color, then look closer to more saturated and noble shades: burgundy, blue, purple, chocolate, orange and gray.

And do not forget about the drawings, because now in the trend will be autumn landscapes and images of relevant subjects. More details about the fashion trends of the autumn manicure 2018 read further in our material.

Manicure trends number 1: Leaves

best Manicure Trends

This year in the fall season, leaf design will be very popular. They can be of any shape, color, and technique. The main thing is to use the right color base, which will add to your manicure a special grace and femininity. Yes, and draw such a design drawing will not be difficult even at home. You can create it using a brush with a short pile. Read more: Fashionable short haircuts of 2018-2019 – the best ideas and models!

Manicure trends number 2: Bordeaux

top Manicure Trends

shades The deepest saturated shades are best suited for autumn, as we already mentioned above. And how to manage in the new season without an interesting burgundy or wine color, which is unlikely to ever come out of fashion. With such an interesting color, you can create absolutely any nail art in any technique. It can be, as a monophonic burgundy manicure, and a jacket, lunar or even hombre. In any case, we recommend experimenting and creating a real fashionable work of art on your nails. Read more: How useful is Vitamin E for face and hair?

Manicure trends number 3: Matte manicure

This year in the coming season, the matte manicure is not going to lose its popularity, so, feel free to contact this kind of coverage. In this case, you can cover a few marigolds with matte varnish, and others glossy. And we advise you to pay attention to matte feline nail art, which this fall will be particularly popular. And do not forget that the matte manicure fits perfectly with all the current techniques, patterns and decor – so do not stop at the usual one-color manicure and create a design that will make all women jealous of your beautiful pens.

Manicure trend number  4: Grayish-blue color palette

a Manicure Trends

For the new autumn manicure, the perfect choice will be not only red or orange manicure but also a more interesting color – blue-gray. After all, with the arrival of cold weather, our wardrobe changes its color scheme to a darker one, and the nail art must match it. Therefore, we advise you to take a closer look at this new fashionable shade, which will perfectly fit into your autumn image.

Manicure trends number 5: Beautiful drawings

the Manicure Trends

Thematic autumn drawings are the main trend of the upcoming season. Therefore, today it’s time for him to prepare and choose for himself the most stylish ideas of drawings and patterns that will complement your image. Leaves, flowers, trees, birds, animals – do not find any options. Therefore, experiment boldly, both with the color scale and with the choice of a specific pattern that will help you make your nail art special.

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