6 Ideas To Decorate A Bathroom In Black and White

It may seem that decorating a bathroom in black and white will reduce much light to the room, but if we know how to combine properly will generate the opposite effect, as it will radiate a lot of light and, therefore, will create greater visual amplitude. If you want to adapt your bathroom with these colors, we show you 6 ideas to decorate a bathroom in black and white.

We leave these 6 ideas so you know how to decorate your bathroom with the colors black and white …

1) Walls and floor in black and white: Combining ceramic and white ceramic walls and floors is one of the most sophisticated and elegant choices for decorating our bathroom. If your stay is small, add the white coating to bring a lot of light and black add it to the pavement. You can even combine both colors in some wall to give that personal touch to the room. These types of tiles never go out of style, so you always have a bathroom with a style that you can adapt to the times.

2) Furniture in black and white: If your walls are white, opt for a black furniture or countertop will give that touch of modernity and distinction to the room. You have many options. For example, you can choose a piece of furniture with legs or suspended, place a white / black countertop with a white or black bowl, or simply place a suspended toilet that does not load our bathroom and give that room fresh look. Help yourself by learning the advantages of suspended bathroom furniture and what bathroom furniture there is to choose the bathroom cabinet that best suits your needs.

3) Bathroom accessories in black and silver: You can decorate with towels, carpets, curtains, litter bins, and many accessories for the bathroom, which, besides helping to give your personal touch, will bring a lot of light to the room. The black bathroom fittings instead of white or silver also tend to look very good and, in this way, you can find the balance in your decoration to make it as elegant and sober as possible.

4) The bathroom mirror: Bathroom mirrors are key pieces in the decoration. In black and white bathrooms, we can choose to combine it with bathroom mirrors for furniture or, conversely, place one silver to break a little with these two colors. The silver elements will add even more elegance to the room, as they blend perfectly with the black.

5) Shower tray in black color: If you have decided to choose the black color for your floor, dare also to place the shower tray of the same color. You will bring a lot of visual amplitude to the room and the result will be very elegant. In addition, mineral-charged shower trays have multiple advantages.

6) Details that encourage the stay: You may lack a touch of color in the bathroom that makes a difference in the room and brings vitality. Some natural flower can add that touch of color, some painting that fits the style of the bathroom or simply adding some small complement such as a wicker basket that breaks the harmony and brings vitality.

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