Battle that bathroom bacteria!

It doesn’t matter how much we bleach and scrub, bathrooms will always be the one room where gross things happen. With all the amazing bathroom cleaners on the market, it seems many people share this feeling that the bathroom might be the least hygienic room in the home. Thankfully there are some genius ideas for making cleaning easier, more effective and less toxic so let’s take a look at a few of them:

#1 Toothbrush Sanitizer

Not many of us like to dwell on the thought that our toothbrushes sit precariously close to the toilet that propels microscopic bacteria through the air every time it is flushed! Well, fear not as you can now buy a strange egg-shaped toothbrush sanitizer that blasts 99% of nasties with UV technology.

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#2 Waterproof Blinds

No need for hanging any old fabric in your windows as now you can buy waterproof blinds designed especially for moist environments like those found in the kitchen or bathroom. Mould and mildew can lurk in constantly warm wet places just like bathrooms so why risk having material that could be a hotbed for musty growth? Easy-wipe, waterproof blinds are much more hygienic. For Waterproof Blinds, visit

#3 Hygienic Toilet Brush Holder

Ever get grossed out by the residue festering in the bottom of the toilet brush holder? Well, now you can purchase a holder and brush set with sanitizing fluid in the base. All it takes is a little push down on the brush when returning to the holder and the fluid combined with specially textured sides will clean your brush for you. Phew!

#4 Power Scrubber

Elbow grease just not cutting through that grime? Motorized scrubbers are now available with scrub pads and waterproofing to make bathroom cleaning a walk in the park! It’s battery-operated so safe to use in a moist atmosphere and works wonders on those hard to reach grime spots including tiling and grouting.

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#5 Drain Protector

How horrible is it when you have to pull out clumps of slimy hair from the plug? With a clever universal design, this mushroom-shaped protector fits almost any standard plug and traps all hairs without affecting waterflow. It’s easy to clean and not a slimy hairball in sight!

#6 Air Purifiers

Worried about those statistics that explain how many airborne particles fly out of your toilet on flushing? You can try hanging bamboo charcoal deodorizers and air purifiers in your bathroom. Charcoal is perfect for soaking up moisture and bad smells, as well as making the room smell better in addition. The combination of charcoal and bamboo also prevents the growth of mildew and mould, making your bathroom a must more sanitary space.

#7 Shower Curtain

As well as blinds being developed to resist moisture and mould, shower curtains also come in coatings for protection against the damp-loving pests of mould and mildew. Eco-friendly, anti-bacterial and free of the horrible plasticky smell of most shower curtains, these will make your bathroom a lot fresher and cleaner.

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