How Does Hair Grow?

Hair follicles are a part of the skin that are responsible for growing hair strands. They are constantly being supplied by blood vessels. The follicles produce keratinised cells as the hairs grow, and the hair shaft grows out of the skin. The follicles are also responsible for gathering the oils that are produced by the surrounding glands, allowing the hair to continue to grow.

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Hair grows at a rate of about half an inch per month, or six inches a year. This rate may vary, though, and depends on age, genetics, and the type of hair you have. External factors, such as diet and environmental conditions, can also affect hair growth. Getting a trim every six to eight weeks can help keep your hair healthy and in good condition.

The growth of hair occurs in two stages, the first of which is the anagen phase. During this stage, the hair bulb produces melanin. It then moves to the catagen stage. After about two to three months, the hair shaft stops growing and breaks free from the follicle. For those suffering with hair loss, take a look at Scalp Micropigmentation Droitwich. Visit a site like His Hair Clinic, a provider of Scalp Micropigmentation Droitwich services.

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Hair growth is a complex process. Each follicle has a specific cycle that determines the length of each hair growth phase. Each stage is unique, and there are ways to optimize each one for healthy hair growth. After the anagen phase, the hair follicle enters the resting or telogen phase. This is the resting stage of the hair growth cycle, and it lasts between two to three months. During this time, hairs do not grow and shed, but rather, they are preparing to be replaced by new hairs.



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