Should Dogs Wear Clothes?

With winter fast approaching, you may think about stocking up your dog’s wardrobe. As we go in search of winter rain jackets and jumpers from the back of the closet, should we spend some time checking out the latest haute couture for our dearest companions, dogs? Here are some truths and some not-so-truths about dogs and their need for clothing:

  1. Not True – All dogs need a coat for cold weather protection

No, not all dogs need a jumper or coat to keep warm when heading out in the winter. Dogs have fur that is doing a good enough to keep them comfortable. However, some breeds who are short-haired or very little do get cold quickly. Also, older dogs and those with medical problems may benefit from extra cushioning when it is cold out. Ideally, you want a coat that covers the abdomen, back and neck area.

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  1. Untrue – Every dog ​​will get used to a coat

The truth is that some pooches will never like the feel of clothing and should not be made to wear one if uncomfortable or stressed. Try one out at home for a short period to see how it goes. If they really do not like or freeze in one place, it is best to forget the idea. Maybe opt for a fancy new collar instead. For a range of Designer Dog Collars, visit  

  1. Untrue – Big dogs do not need a coat or jumper

While some of the larger dog breeds have a dense coat, like the Husky for example, you cannot say that there is no big dog who would not benefit from a coat in the extreme cold. Every dog ​​is an individual and you know your pet best. Bulldogs, for example, are very susceptible to cold and would benefit from some extra layers.

  1. Not true – A coat in dogs should fit as tight as possible to keep warm

You should always think about the mobility of your dog. Remember how you feel when restricted by the clothes too heavy or too tight? No item should make your dog feel uncomfortable. It’s ok if it’s a snug fit but not tight. Try to find a coat that does not have hanging bits, zippers or anything that may rub and irritate your dog.

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  1. Fiction – A coat or jumper should look heavy to provide protection

Weight is no longer an indication of quality or warmth. Just as technology has evolved in the human material for the outer clothing, the same applies to dog clothing. Do some research and find the best thin yet insulating material. Weight is not always a good idea because if the dog is wearing something too heavy, it can be too hot.

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