Mom, here are the definitive tricks to produce more milk for your baby

produce more milk

There are many mothers who must supplement their breastfeeding with complementary breastfeeding (formula milk) because they do not have produced more milk to satisfy their baby. This can be quite frustrating for any mother who wants to establish a good breastfeeding without the need to supplement with formula.

If you want to produce more milk for your baby, then from Erse Mama we are going to give you some tips so that you can put them into practice. But remember, the best way to increase your milk production is to love your baby frequently and on demand. Although if your baby can not breastfeed well or you can not breastfeed frequently for whatever reason, then these tips will come to you.

Tips to produce more milk

Breast pump after taking the shot

produce more milk for your baby

If you feed your baby on a constant schedule, pumping with the pump one hour after each feeding can help you increase your milk production. If, for example, you feed your baby every three hours, one hour after feeding him, you should spend a few minutes (at least 15) pumping more milk. The idea is to pump enough time to increase production but to reserve milk for the next intake.

It is important that you make sure that you have a quality breast pump. If it is not quality it is likely that you can not get good results. You can get a milk pump of good quality so you will notice the difference in your milk production. You can buy it online or ask someone to loan it to you because you do not use it with your babies anymore.

See that your baby holds on well

tricks to produce more milk

For there to be good milk production it is important that your baby latches well. Many mothers think that they do not have enough milk by themselves, but the reality is that the baby is not taking it well. It is necessary that the tongue of the baby is seen and that his lips are open, in addition, the nipple and the alveolar will be fully tucked in the mouth of your baby enhancing a good suction. Read more: 2 Vegetable Soups To Try

When you are going to feed your baby, if it does not latch on well, slide your little finger into the baby’s mouth next to the nipple to remove it from the breast. Then, use your nipple to tickle your baby’s lip and when you open your mouth wide, put your chest to the entire alveolar. With a good attachment to the nipple, your baby can have a good milk suction.

Have the baby take both breasts

It is necessary to make sure that your baby suckles both breasts during a lactation session. Each time the baby begins to suck comfortably or if you see that he loses interest or begins to fall asleep … Take this as a signal to change sides and to breastfeed the other breast. This will stimulate your breasts to produce more milk and you will make sure that your breasts are well drained.

Say goodbye to the pacifiers

best produce more milk

Every time your baby is sucking on a pacifier (at times when you are not feeding him) it is time lost to stimulate your milk production. Although the first few months are likely to be difficult because it will appear that your baby is permanently hooked on you, it is the best you can do for your baby and to make sure you are working well on your breast milk increase.

Ask lactation professionals

It is possible that despite all your efforts, there is the possibility that something does not go well in milk production. A lactation professional will specialize in helping you establish a good relationship with breastfeeding and in solving possible problems that you are presenting. As long as your newborn is not losing weight, you can consult the lactation professional.

Use the appropriate bra

the produce more milk

The use of a bra that presses on your breasts or that is too tight can cause problems in the flow of milk. Incorrect support can sometimes lead to milk ducts being plugged. This is uncomfortable and can also make you not have enough milk production to meet the physical needs of your baby.


Oatmeal is a miraculous food that produces milk. While it has not yet been proven exactly what happens with oats, its consumption causes an increase in milk production, it is a fact for many women that a bowl of oatmeal in the morning means full breasts of milk at night. If you do not like oatmeal you can opt for oatmeal cookies.

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