Looking After your Mental Health When you are Made Redundant

Being made redundant is one of the most difficult things to deal with in life. As well as the financial worries, some people also need to seek the help of employment solicitors like Employment Law Friend if they feel that they have been made redundant unlawfully. This can cause a lot of mental distress and negative emotions, and during this time it is important to look after yourself and your mental wellbeing.

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One of the things that people find difficult about losing a job, especially if they have been in it a long time is losing their daily routine. Especially with the coronavirus pandemic of the past year, a lot of people lost their usual outlets for dealing with this and became depressed.

It is a good idea if you are feeling this way to try to keep busy and to keep your brain stimulated so that you don’t sit around dwelling on the negatives. Maybe you enjoy puzzles and games? Or perhaps you like to read or enjoy making things – art, cakes or woodwork? Gardening is also something that many people find relaxing and calming.

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You can also create yourself a daily schedule to stick to so that you don’t feel as if you are without a routine. Factor in the things that you need to do as well as time for yourself – self self-care is very important at this time.

Keeping yourself physically healthy is also important for your mental wellbeing – take a walk or learn yoga or Pilates which can be very calming as well as it teaches you good breathing techniques.

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