UK Smart Home Technology Market Leads the Way

It’s exciting to see our homes become a product of our imagination, and as technology continues to develop all around us, we are just waiting for these new innovations to become broadly accessible and affordable for the common homeowner. Though connected products and devices aren’t being widely used in residential properties just yet, what was once unimaginable is now showing signs of becoming the norm in our day-to-day lives. Smart home technology is most definitely on its way.

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Who Is Smart Home Technology For?

Though connected devices might have historically been reserved for the rich and famous, these products are gradually making their way into other households thanks to the cost of technology decreasing. This is much like flat-screen TVs, which now cost a fraction of the price they were five years ago. Figures show that customer demand for connected devices is on the rise thanks to products like Amazon’s Echo, which has given consumers a taste of voice-enabled technology around the home. Streaming products such as those offered by Sonos are also selling well at present.

What Are the Challenges That Smart Home Technology Providers Face?

One of the main issues that the home automation sector is facing is convincing the public that they need to upgrade their home systems. Unless they are able to see a great benefit from the product, they are unlikely to take the plunge. Recent TV and media coverage of camera-fitted refrigerators has seen a rise in the sales of connected fridges as family hubs, for instance.

Another challenge for the industry is making products accessible and proving that connected devices don’t have to be complicated, even for those who aren’t comfortable with or who simply don’t naturally incorporate technology into their everyday lives. The key is to draw consumers’ attention to the huge benefits that Home Automation can offer.

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Home Automation in Today’s Climate

Smart home technology is steadily growing, but we can see elements of home products already very popular today. For example, Hive and Nest have had a very positive impact on many homes and have seen sales double year on year since their respective launches. There aren’t many other product types which can boast these kinds of figures, so this is very promising news for the smart home technology industry as a whole.

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