Tips for painting your garage door

A garage door that has not been well maintained will directly affect the appearance of your property and could deter potential buyers. However, it’s easy to give your garage a facelift with a lick of paint, which will give the exterior a new look and complement the rest of your property.

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Before you start, take a look at our top tips to stop you making a mistake and doing a bad job.

The amount of paint

When you’re choosing a colour for your garage door, you need to buy the right amount of paint. This will depend on the size of the door and the type of material it’s produced from. For instance, a wooden door will need more than an aluminium one, and if you’re making it lighter or darker, you’ll require more than if you’re painting it the same shade.

Preparing the door

Before you begin painting, there are a few areas to work on, including cleaning away any dirt, dust or oxidised paint. If the door is damaged, you should also consult a company such as, who are experts in London garage door repairs.

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Wooden doors will need sanding and a primer applying, prior to painting. If you have an aluminium or steel door, don’t paint it when it’s particularly hot, cold or wet, as the door can expand and shift, which will prevent the paint from drying correctly.

Tips for painting

Painting exterior parts of your property, such as garage doors, can brighten it up and make it more appealing. With a bit of time and effort, you could see a 75% return on your investment, along with other exterior maintenance areas.

Your garage door can be painted pretty much the same as any other part of the house, by using long and slow stokes. Paint each long panel in one go and then stop when you reach the hinges. When you need to paint the ends it’s best to open the door slightly, until the hinges come apart, so that you have more space to move. Before you apply a second coat finish the whole door and then wait for the first one to dry.

There are lots of effects you can create by using different styles of brushes and rollers, to give you a more unique look to the outside of your property.

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