Starch instead of Botox? The best masks from starch from wrinkles are made at home

Starch instead of Botox

Some virgins prefer to return the youth radically – with injections of beauty, others act more conservatively – put on face masks from Starch instead of Botox, etc. What to choose?

Even if your financial situation allows you to rejuvenate with botulinum toxin, then first try to remove the wrinkles with starch and evaluate their effectiveness.

Then a mask from Starch instead of BotoxStarch instead of Botox

Masks from starch are not only less expensive – they are much safer. In fact, starch generally does not do any harm to lovers of self-made anti-aging agents. But botulinum toxin smooths wrinkles by blocking the neuromuscular transmission. That is, it blocks signals between the motor nerves and the muscles involved in the formation of wrinkles. Read more: How do children lead a healthy and healthy lifestyle?

It turns out that wrinkles are smoothed only because of the weakening of the activity of almost paralyzed muscles. It is clear that there is nothing good in turning them off. Thanks to injections of botulinum toxin, a woman at the time say goodbye not only to wrinkles, but also with natural facial expressions, and sometimes even with her mature beauty.

Whoever does not choose starch instead of botox, he will surely get unpleasant pain and can get asymmetry of the face, puffiness, immobility of the upper lip, eyelid twisting, blinking frequency reduction, ptosis, diplopia, ecchymosis, weakness, etc. In addition, the American Academy of Dermatology has not fixed one dozen human deaths, the culprits of which were injections of botulinum neurotoxin.

And the use of botulinum toxin injections has a number of contraindications. So, to use starch instead of botox is worthwhile not to disfigure oneself or die.

What can mask from a starch for the faceStarch instead of Botox

Many experts are confident that masks from starch support the youthfulness of the skin, make it tightened, they increase the regeneration of cells, normalize the glands producing a space secret, moisturize, cleanse, smooth out facial wrinkles, and have the anti-inflammatory effect. Women who used starch to make masks, confirm their effectiveness. They would have thoughtlessly chosen starch instead of botox. Read more: Stenosing atherosclerosis of brachiocephalic arteries

Ladies refer masks from starch to universal procedures that are suitable for all skin types. The starched masks for dry skin, tried by them, relieved the sensations of tightening and peeling, for greasy – narrowed the pores, eliminated sebaceous shine. Starch also takes care of sensitive skin, protects it from the impact of an aggressive environment. The skin becomes soft, silky, irritated.

In addition, 83% of the women out of 100 who decided to use starch instead of Botox, we’re sure that it really reduces the number of shallow facial wrinkles, tighten the skin, makes it supple, velvety.

How to prepare starch for a mask at homeStarch instead of Botox

Starch is found in many products: in corn, potatoes, rice, wheat. It is in bread and pasta. To check the presence of starch in the product, simply drip onto a piece of the sample with iodine. If it turns blue – starch is present. Most often this tasteless powder is used to thicken sauces, jelly. To make refills you can use also purchased starch, for a mask it is worth trying to cook it with your own hands.

To make starch, you need the potato, water, grater, and gauze. Rub potatoes on a fine grater. Place the gruel in the cheesecloth. The latter must be tied to a knot. Put gauze and potatoes in a glass container with cold water. Now we are going to actively press our potatoes with our hands, squeeze it, crush it. In five minutes you can drain the water. At the bottom of the bowl, you will have a white precipitate – this is starch.

However, the finished product is unlikely to be unsafe so you can not bother yourself with the extraction of starch from potatoes, and immediately proceed with the preparation of the mask.

Face mask with botox effectStarch instead of Botox

For the preparation of the most popular mask, which proved to many that starch instead of botox can be used not only, but also necessary, you will need:

  • Potato starch – one tablespoon.
  • Oily homemade sour cream – one tablespoon.
  • Natural carrot juice – five tablespoons.
  • Boiled water – half a liter.

Important: you do not need to make a mask from starch with purchased juice – you need to get it yourself.

The way to get carrot juice: take one juicy carrot and chop the fleshy root on a small grater, collect the gruel into the cheesecloth and wring out.

To prepare a mask with the botox effect, first, you need to make a paste of starch. A tablespoon of starch is bred in 100 ml of warm boiled water. After that, a homogeneous liquid is poured into the container. Add another 400 ml of water and put the bowl on the tile. While heating the water with starch, stir the liquid constantly until it thickens.

You need to take five tablespoons of starch. The remaining paste can be put in the refrigerator and used to prepare the next mask. When the selected starch is cooled, pour into it four st. spoons of carrot juice, one – sour cream and mix thoroughly. The mask is applied to the skin in three layers. After distributing the last layer, wait 30 minutes and wash off the mask with warm water.

Women claim that they did not regret using starch instead of botox. Having made starch masks every other day, in a course of ten procedures, they noticed how the skin was tightened, became tender, the fine wrinkles were smoothed out, and the peeling took place.

Masks from starch against wrinkles for oily skinStarch instead of Botox

Products for smoothing and cleansing oily skin can be made from the same starch paste, the method of preparation of which is described in the previous mask, compete with Botox. To it is added a teaspoon of oatmeal and whipped protein. This mixture also tightens the pores well. The holding time of the product is 20 minutes. Wash off the mask with warm water.

If you have oily, fading skin and uneven face, then make a mask of starch, salt, and liquid honey. Each of the ingredients will need only one teaspoon. The mask cleans, rejuvenates, smooths wrinkles, brightens the skin, makes the face look even. The first step is to mix the starch with honey until a homogeneous creamy mass is obtained. Afterward, fine salt is added to the mask (it is best to use sea salt).

You need to smear the whole mixture so there can be several layers. Such a remedy is washed off first by warm, and after – by cold water (contrast washing) 25 min after the distribution of the last layer of the mask.

Mask based on starch whitening

To strengthen the whitening properties of rejuvenating starch, mix it with lemon juice in an equal proportion. This mass is applied to the cleansed face. The mask should be washed off after 15 minutes. You will see the effect after the first procedure. The face will look fresh, bright pigmented spots will turn pale, weakly expressed – can disappear altogether.

Rejuvenating mask with starch for dry skin

Women with dry skin need to think not only about how to smooth wrinkles but also how to moisten the face. They are suitable for rejuvenating products, providing soothing, moisturizing action and nourishing the skin. It can be made from starch, fresh home-made milk and vegetable oil. Components are selected in equal numbers. The aging time is a quarter of an hour. Washing in warm water.

Mask of starch for problem skin

The last recipe of a mask from starch from wrinkles is suitable for women with problem skin, which shows pimples, redness, etc. So, let’s talk about how to prepare a rejuvenating, inflammatory process starch remedy. You need protein, starch, and tea tree oil.

First, connect the three drops of oil with the foamed protein, then start pouring the starch, constantly stirring the mixture. Starch will need so much to make the mask look like sour cream of medium density. When the 15 minutes have elapsed after the distribution of starch-protein mass, wash the face and, having processed it with a tonic, apply the cream for problem skin.

Using starch instead of botox, you can be sure that you are using a safe, non-disruptive way to smooth wrinkles. But, despite the fact that masks from starch rarely cause allergic reactions, they should be followed by a course – from 5 to 12 procedures, with a break of three to four months. The number of procedures depends on the severity of wrinkles and skin condition.

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