How to flatten a rug

How to flatten a rug

How to flatten a rug? The most common question among new rug buyers.

The rug is a commonly used household product and it brings beauty to our home spaces. People use a rug in various places for example in the bedroom, living room, dining room, etc. Furthermore, it brightens up the rooms and also offers a comfortable and warm feel. If you are having a new rug or it arriving soon, there is a possibility that it could be bent, wrinkled, and curled. Besides, for a long period if the rug is left rolled up then to lie the rug flat again there will require some training and little effort. Here, we’ve done the job easy for you – just follow the methods properly. So, keep reading this guide article to know how to flatten a rug.

Let the rug Settle

This might seem like a lazy method but depending on the rug’s condition it might work. If, you unrolled your brand-new rug recently and the rug only has a few ripples from shipping or packing. Then, smooth the rug down flat as possible and for 1 or 2 days leave it there alone. Here, as the rug’s fiber starts to relax it will eventually flatten by itself. While the rug relaxes, place it on any hard floor for getting it into a perfect shape.

Flip the rug over

There are always have few curls on the new rug’s edge whenever it unrolls for the first time. Even if the rest part of your rug gets relaxed still the corners do not flatten. So, in this situation notice which side it curls. Here fold the curls on the opposite side and leave the rug alone for 1 or 2 days. You can also use a heavy object such as a furniture piece, book, etc over the curls. This helps in forcing the curl area to relax.

Ironing the rugIroning to flatten a rug

If you have tried the upper methods but still the rug is not flattened then after some days do this effective method to get a better result.

So, iron on the rug’s curled spot but set the iron on low, and between your rug and iron, heat applies a barrier. A craft paper is suitable for this process. Besides keep your iron at a minimum for preventing further heat damage, melting, or scorching on our rug.

Steam the rug

This method depends on the rug’s construction. For removing creases from out of the rug, it can be steamed. Before trying this method check your rug’s colorfastness. Because this method can ruin it by damaging the color.

Steamer or wet towel/sponge

In this method, you’ll need a steamer or wet towel/sponge. So, take a steamer or wet towel/sponge and wet the unrolled rug’s edges then, dry it.

Next, over the rug’s edges lay any wet towels and flatly iron them. This may allow it for lying smoothly.


Flattening a new rug might seem a little bit of a troublesome job but it’s super easy. Follow any methods from above and if want to fast flatten your rug then just back and roll it. We hope that now you can easily lie flat your rug.

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