How to breathe correctly

breathe correctly

The question of how to breathe is not so idle as one might think. After all, on the basis of whether we are breathing correctly, the general condition of our body depends.

Very often, incorrect breathing leads to such serious health problems as: varicose veins of lower limbs and pelvic organs, a violation of the outflow of venous blood from internal organs (and, as a consequence, diseases of the internal organs), disruption of the gastrointestinal tract.

Is it possible to somehow prevent the occurrence of these dangerous diseases? Can. All that is required for this is to breathe properly.

Why there is wrong breathing?

breathe correctly
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Wrong breathing rarely occurs in men, but is very often detected in women. There is no riddle here, because it is usually associated with changes in the female body during pregnancy.

Usually, the diaphragm takes an active part in our breathing. When lowered, it creates pressure in the abdominal region, and the venous blood rushes upwards, into the area with a decreased pressure.

In order for this to happen correctly and not cause a violation of the outflow of venous blood from the lower limbs and the pelvic region, the diaphragm should fall when inhaled, thereby creating the necessary pressure in the abdominal region.

Unfortunately, during pregnancy, the fetus inside the female body does not allow the diaphragm to fall, and the intercostal muscles begin to take part in the breathing, lifting and lowering the chest.

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Whether the diaphragm participates in our breathing

You can very simply check if you have a wrong breathing. For this, it is enough to put one hand on the upper area of the chest, and the second – on the abdomen. It does not matter which of the hands to put, in this experiment, the result is important, which will give an answer to the question: are you breathing correctly? Now just breathe and carefully watch the movement of the hands.

If you breathe in the lower arm, the one that is on the stomach, and the upper hand remains in place, then your breath is absolutely natural and correct. In this case, you cannot be afraid of health problems caused by incorrect movement of the diaphragm.

If, on inspiration, the upper arm moves, and the lower one remains in place or moves toward the body,

What happens if you do not breathe properly?

breathe correctly
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If, during breathing, your chest rises, then the diaphragm very weakly participates in the process of breathing, and all work is performed by the intercostal muscles. They raise their chest. With such a breath, we, of course, get the necessary portion of oxygen; however, several undesirable actions occur.

First, there is an intensive washout from the body of the carbon dioxide it needs, which can lead to vasospasms. And also the necessary pressure is not created in the abdominal cavity (which is responsible for the movement of the diaphragm downwards during inspiration), which leads to stagnation of venous blood.

How to learn to breathe correctly

In fact, it’s quite easy to learn how to breathe properly. It is necessary, by strong-willed effort, to restrain the incorrectly formed image of breathing, paying attention to which area of the body, chest or abdomen, moves forward when inhaling. Our task is to move the belly forward in the process of inspiration. In this case, the diaphragm will move and participate correctly in breathing.

The first time you need to periodically monitor this movement, directing your attention to this. Later, when a new habit is developed, it will become as natural, and most importantly, the right way of breathing, as it should be. Perhaps, it would seem difficult at first time to constantly pay attention to such a trifle as the way of breathing. But having spent on it only some volitional efforts, you will render your health an invaluable service,

It is necessary to remember: Improper breathing leads to dangerous, sometimes irreparable consequences. A few simple efforts and the skill of proper breathing will help to become healthier and more active. Do not deprive yourself of a chance to be healthy! Learn to breathe properly again.

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