How to improve your landing page conversions

Crafting and honing your landing pages to appeal directly to your target audience is essential for successfully generating leads and securing conversions. Here we look at five ways in which you can improve your chance of success. Before you start to improve your landing page conversions check SEO terms also.

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Mobile optimisation

An eMarketer report illustrates that increasing numbers of people are browsing the internet using mobile devices; therefore, ensuring your landing pages are tailored for mobile browsing is imperative. As mobile devices come in a variety of sizes, with different resolutions and software to take into consideration, employing a responsive design will ensure your efforts work effectively regardless of the technology your audience is using to access and interact with your content.

Remove distractions by utilising heatmaps

Every professional London SEO agency will utilise heatmap technology. As many users’ mouse movements mirror those of their eyes, the data gathered will help you to identify the most successful areas of your landing pages and those that need further revision. Ensuring calls-to-action are placed in the areas attracting the most attention is imperative, as is removing any potential distractions to effectively guide your audience to your core copy.

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Hone your calls-to-action

Understanding your audience is important; however, it is also important not to sacrifice a lead or a sale by demanding too much. Many users are happy to provide their name and email address, but going on to ask for a postal address, contact number and other personal information can be off-putting and may prevent your audience signing up to your mailing list or interacting with your business on another platform.

Balance your copy with images and video

With approximately 50 per cent of people finding images easier to process than text, using relevant imagery to support core messages ensures clarity and demonstrates that you understand how your audience wants to digest information online. Work with a professional team, such as, that understands the importance of balancing appealing imagery with maximising your on-screen real estate. You don’t want to waste pixels when there is so much at stake.

The personal touch

With online reviews consistently gaining traction, testimonials will provide your customers with a level of trust in your business. Video testimonials are particularly persuasive, with asking your previous customers for permission to include their photograph alongside their endorsement of your business another effective option.

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