Finding and Keeping the Right People

Any business would want to attract the best and most talented candidates but how is this achieved? Recruiting new staff is a lengthy and expensive process so it makes good business sense to get this process right. How can you attract the best and ensure they are committed?

  • Know exactly what you want before you start. Is it a role to replace a leaver or a totally new position to suit a changing business? If you don’t know what you’re looking for then how are you going to find it? Have a clear and concise specification for the job and person. Stating this in your vacancy advertisement will more likely get applications from people who fit that bill. To narrow down the search, you could even include specific experience and qualities you are looking for.

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  • Take a look at your recruitment process. A process that’s too long, overly complicated or lacking in communication will result in candidates taking other opportunities before you’ve even got through the screening process. Prospective employees won’t want to sit around waiting for the phone to ring, especially if they are highly sought after, talented and qualified individuals. Investigate the possibility of group interviews or skype interviews to speed up the process or at least maintain a level of regular contact.
  • Some of the best candidates for a job might be found through current employee referrals. Most people will only recommend someone they think will be a good fit or their own reputation would suffer. Some companies run an employee referral incentive scheme with a reward for the referrer upon a successful job offer being accepted.


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  • Always operate diligently and this means running proper and thorough backgrounds checks during the recruitment process. The most talented individual might also be the one with a shady past so the best person for the job doesn’t always mean the one who appears perfect! Too many businesses have learned this lesson the hard way. If your screening process is water-tight then it can prevent candidates from being economical with the truth in the first place.
  • Once you’ve employed the right people, how do you retain them? Think about benefits other than salary. Flexibility with working hours, positive culture and attractive relocation packages are all ways to make your employment worth holding on to. For Employee Relocation Company, visit
  • Be sure to always conduct exit interviews with staff who leave and act on the information provided during these interviews. Another interesting idea is to conduct the occasional ‘stay’ interviews with randomly selected staff members. Ask them what is positive about their job and what makes them stay. Don’t turn this into an excuse for brainwashing or self-congratulation, ask about the negatives too and see if improvements can be made.
  • Many people leave an organization because they feel there is no room to progress. When new positions do arise, advertise them internally first. It is when employees feel there is no more space for personal and professional growth that they begin to feel trapped.

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