How double-glazed windows benefit the environment

As people become more and more aware of climate change and the effect man has on the environment, we are turning to more sustainable decisions in terms of everything we do. How we heat our homes and how we preserve this heat can lower our carbon footprints significantly.

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One of the things you can do is to install double-glazed windows in your home. Double glazing is basically when you have two sheets of glass in your window with a gap of about 16mm in between. This ‘barrier’ between the two sheets of glass retard the rate at which the heat escapes through the windows. One step further is triple gazing. The concept is the same, except that three layers of glass are used in the process. Double glazing in Tewkesbury or any other part of the UK can help to protect the environment. This is how:

Heat loss reduction is minimised

Ten per cent of a home’s heat goes out through the door and windows. The energy efficiency of double glazing can help to cut down or even eliminate the rate at which heat is lost. The house will also be a lot quieter.

Double glazing minimises draughts

If fitted correctly, double glazing in Tewkesbury by Firmfix or another company will cut down on draughts coming through your house and decrease the amount of condensation that appears.

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Ventilation is improved

Double glazing in Tewkesbury can be done in such a way that the windows tilt and swivel. In this way, ventilation increases during the warmer months and fresh air can enter without the use of fans or air conditioning. We often forget how important ventilation is and only when we hear of conditions such as sick building syndrome do we realise how imperative it is to keep the air flowing in a building.

How to choose

To make the best possible choice you should consult the British Fenestration Rating Council’s efficiency rating graph. The entire window is rated from A+ to G. Also make sure that your windows fall within the regulations of the local authority before you make the investment.

Installing double-glazed windows is an investment that will last for about 20 years before it needs replacing. During this time, you will save enormously on your heating bills and be doing your share in terms of the environment.

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