How to verify ID when making a DBS check

The Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) came about in 2012 after previously being known as the Criminal Records Bureau since 2002. This service allows employers to check the criminal records of staff, or job applicants, to assess whether they are suitable to work with children or vulnerable adults.

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According to Surrey County Council, a valid DBS disclosure is a legislative requirement in certain positions. The service also keeps a list of individuals who are not allowed to work with children and vulnerable adults.

Original documents only

A DBS check involves an individual completing an application process that requires specific ID documentation to prove that a person is who they say they are.

Even with a basic DBS check, which can be requested by organisations such as, only valid, current and original documentation will be accepted as part of the application procedure. Photocopies or prints are not allowed and a document from each group will be required, which can only be counted once.

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Identity information

As part of the ID validation process, the applicant’s name, address and date of birth must be recorded in the correct section on the form. These will each need meticulous checking.

A document with photographic identity, such as a passport, can be used to check for likeness on the application form.

Documentation as evidence of a person’s date of birth will be required. If the person’s current name differs from their birth name, documentary proof will be needed to support this. All other documentation provided should be in the current name of the applicant.

Proof of address

A DBS check cannot be verified unless the applicant provides evidence of their address history covering the last five years and their current address details.

Those checking the form may also wish to cross-check this information with other documents provided, such as a CV. If a person states they have lived at a certain address and there is no job history on their CV relating to this location, this should be investigated.

The ID checking process consists of a three-route procedure. In addition to checking that the information supplied is correct, the person checking should ensure the form is completed fully and any discrepancies will need to be clarified by the applicant. The form cannot be amended without the consent of the applicant.

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