Cakes Are for Weddings, Not Faces

Perfecting a natural look with make up products and techniques isn’t always straightforward.

Cakes Are for Weddings

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One of the top blunders of make up application is known as ‘cake face’ which About Style describe as the undesirable effect of ‘slathering on too much foundation and concealer.’ This thick layer of make up leaves visible lines and an uneven effect. Make up is about accentuating your natural beauty rather than hiding it so if are a cake face culprit, here are some the key reasons why and what you can do to avoid it.

Old Foundation

Make up has a best before date and as it begins to age you may notice foundation thickening. Once they start to develop a heavier consistency they clog and fail to blend into the skin effectively. In newer products, a few drops of facial oil can help to thin out the product but those that are over a year old should probably be discarded for hygiene reasons and to avoid cake face.

Volume of Foundation

Although many of us rely on foundation and concealer to cover up imperfections, being too liberal with the amount that you use leads to build up. To avoid this, be sparing with your foundation and concealer. Use a blender or specialist foundation brush – with numerous options availible such as those in the Ciara Daly Phoenix Collection – to effectively draw out a thin layer of coverage foundation over your face. This creates a flawless yet natural look.

Using the Wrong Products

Powdery products are the number one offenders for creating cake face. Those with oily skin tend to use face powder as a mattifying top coat, but it is an obvious product that sits on top of the skin. A subtler alternative is using primer underneath the foundation which reduces the amount of oil that will break through your make up. For those who insist on using powder, use it sparingly and limit to T-zones only.

Lack of Hydration

Applying excessive foundation to dry, flaky skin is never going to end well. The make up will cling to dehydrated patches of skin, causing it to clump. To prepare dry skin for make up application, use a hydrating priming spray beforehand and remember to use deep, intensive moisturising products at night time to breathe new life into dry skin.

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