The fall of Jerome Valcke, FIFA secretary general

Former TV journalist Jerome Valcke first joined FIFA in the summer of 2003 in the role of director of marketing & TV. The Frenchman became the subject of a major controversy just three years later, when his actions regarding sponsorship agreements between rival financial services firms led to FIFA being fined $60m (£42m).

The fall of Jerome Valcke, FIFA secretary general

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Despite this, Valcke was appointed FIFA’s general secretary in June 2007. Allegations of corruption first surfaced in 2011 when a leaked email written by Valcke suggested that Qatar had won the rights to host the 2022 World Cup after making a massive cash pay-off.


In May 2015 it emerged that payments totalling $10m had been diverted into bank accounts controlled by a member of the executive committee. The payments appeared to be bribes. Valcke was put on extended leave in September 2015 and, soon afterwards, fresh allegations emerged that he had been selling World Cup tickets for inflated prices. In January 2016 Valcke was dismissed as secretary general of FIFA. The troubles at FIFA look set to continue, with several other high-ranking executives under investigation due to a range of allegations that include money laundering and racketeering.

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