You want to sleep well? Avoid these foods

sleep well

Sleep can be one of the things we hope for the day. Get home after a long day of work or study, put on pajamas and lie down in your bed. Resting the appropriate times allows wake up well the next day, no dark circles, and more radiant and concentrated head to start the new day. There are different conditions that must be considered before bedtime. For example, the television is off, the darkness that you feel comfortable with your pillow, you really feel sleepy, etc.

sleep well
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Food can ruin our most anticipated of the day. Certain foods, certain dressings can cause problems or discomfort when you want to sleep. Which are? What you have?

Caffeine: Some people cannot avoid consuming too much coffee during the day. True lovers of this drink need to goBut eye, we know that the effects of caffeine do not help if we want to sleep. Therefore, the solution is to stop drinking liquids such after lunch. If you’ll take once, changes the coffee for herbal tea or decaffeinated coffee.

Sugars: Eating chocolates is ideal for us to concentrate on the study or work, cocoa and sugar help keep the mind alert. Big mistake consume before bedtime. If you have a box of chocolates stored on your nightstand, better Use it in the morning or while watching the television series. But do not eat sugar before bedtime because it activates your body and you want to be at rest.

Liquids: Do not misunderstand this point. Drink plenty of water during the day, and even before bedtime, is ideal for your hydration and your welfare. But if you take plenty of water overnight, you have to constantly get up to go to the bathroom. Sleeping with a full bladder is not a good choice. It is good to drink a glass of water before bed, but to do so we must consider whether heavy drinking fluids during the day too, especially if you have some old or do not have much stamina.

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Spicy food: Thai Food? Chili pepper? Turmeric, curry and pepper? Sorry, if you eat it at 22.00 at night, sleep badly. Very spicy things cause you heartburn, especially when in a horizontal position. Worst of all, is that the next day your throat will be rougher. There are people who cannot withstand the urge to eat spicy things, but we have to face the consequences.

And last tip; remember to set the alarm when you really have intentions to get up. The worst thing you can do is reprogram the alarm for 5 minutes, because the body and brain begin to make a new sleep cycle that will stop abruptly and that you have all day.

With these tips you can be assured that your dream consular better. Remember that a good rest translates into a good day, good handling situations, good social relations, a more rested face and a healthier body. Consider these tips when you go to bed. While you’ll notice the difference in how you are going to bed is more enjoyable than ever.

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