Is it affordable to live in Greece?

Greece is a popular tourist destination; however, if you really love the climate and culture, you may decide you want to make it your permanent residence. First, you will want to assess the potential living costs compared to similar countries.

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Housing costs

Renting an average one-bed flat in the centre of Thessaloniki or Athens will cost less than one-third of the price in Berlin and around ten percent of one in New York.


If you want to eat out in a restaurant with a friend or a partner, you will find it cheaper than in most major cities.


A monthly travel pass will only set you back around 30 euros. Again, this is slightly cheaper than Berlin and a significant saving compared to Sydney, London or New York.


State-funded healthcare in Greece is available to non-citizens; however, it is not completely free. Even if you choose to purchase private health insurance, the expense will be nowhere near that of the United States.


Free university education is available to anyone from the European Union, with the annual fee being around 1,500 euros for anyone else.

Other considerations

Athens is not the most expensive capital city in the world; however, it does cost more than other cities in Greece, such as Thessaloniki. You also need to remember the exchange rate if you are moving from somewhere that uses dollars or pounds rather than euros. For information on potential visa costs, you should consult a legal expert such as

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An analysis of some of the main expenses you are likely to encounter if you move to Greece shows that compared to many other big economies, it is relatively affordable; however, some factors may drive up the costs.

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