Phubbing: Internet addiction is ignore people


Phubbing is a neologism given by the union of two words: phone and snubbing. Literally translates to ignore the others to concentrate on the phone, a present for years and that the phenomenon is continuing thanks to tablets and other electronic devices that coexist with your smartphone.

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How does those affected by phubbing? Situations like a nice dinner with friends or a couple of the evening can turn into confrontational occasions and malaise if the other person is so careful to control the social network notifications, e-mail and chat on WhatsApp to ignore entirely the partner or friend who was there in the flesh.

This attitude is considered normal because widespread, yet there are personal alarm bells that must warn from social acceptance of phubbing. Being unable to put aside the smartphone or tablet is a symptom of a strong dependence on the internet, to the point of feeling lonely, embarrassed and anxious if you cannot control compulsively social networks and any other online site.

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The consequences of phubbing are clear for those affected but also for those who suffer: frustration, dissatisfaction, discomfort are just some of the discomfort experienced by those who have a victim partners of phubbing. Which explains the frequency of quarrels and separations, especially among teenagers?

Because it is difficult to say just to phubbing? Why it is an addiction, and as such requires an awareness of the negative consequences of the relationships and social, and in some cases even that of a psychologist. On the other hand, even the indirect victim of phubbing struggling to break the vicious circle of negativity: the sense of exclusion leads to isolate them or to find consolation on the internet. Visit for more.

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