Raw food: An option to add to your diet

Raw food

Raw foods retain nutrients intact, we provide vitamins, minerals and fiber. How can we incorporate them into our diet?

I became fashionable a few years ago, partly thanks to the enthusiasm and public support of several celebrities, and since then more and more followers. Raw food is more than raw foods; we tell you what it is and how you can take this diet to make healthier you.

Raw food: What it is?

This movement consists mainly of eating raw foods, i.e. never heated above 42° C, and in its most natural form, no refined or processed, free of preservatives and preferably organic.

This feature along with the overall philosophy of life of its practitioners, causes a raw vegan diet, which includes no animal foods is considered. It is based primarily on fruits, vegetables, seaweed, nuts, and seeds germinated. Eating raw meat or fish is usually not easy nor recommended.

Raw food
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It is also important to pay attention to mealtime, similar to what we do with mindfulness in our daily lives, to be aware of their role and intent to nourish ourselves in every bite.

Fundamentals and potential benefits

The main reason for eating raw food is that when heated lose much of the heat – sensitive nutrients, such as vitamin C. Moreover, the cooking kills the enzymes that help digest food, but our body also produces and we more ways to take care of our intestinal flora.

The raw food diet is a good way to ensure the 5 pieces of fruit and vegetables every day recommended by experts in nutrition, with all its vitamins, minerals and fiber, but we cannot forget that there are some nutrients, such as lycopene from tomato, which increase their potential by cooking.

Nor is it necessary eat everything raw, but add to our food as possible from fresh fruits and vegetables without cooking can improve considerably.

Is it as difficult as it seems?

When we read raw food it is average to sound us complicated food, but actually are practicing a lot more often than we think, especially in summer, every time we eat a composite salad only by raw vegetables or we drink refreshing gazpacho.

Smoothies, prepared with water, green leaves and fruit are a good example of healthy and delicious raw food, even by making a simple orange juice are practicing Raw food, and, of course, also when we choose the healthier option of all, eat whole pieces of fruit.

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In order to facilitate dietary variety processes such as germination (this is how the vegetables are eaten), fermentation, and maceration with lemon or dehydration are used. We can use to sweeten dates or dried fruit and spice preparations such as pesto, mustard, horseradish sauce or olive.

The raw vegan diet includes vegetable drinks, cheese made from cashews and many amazing recipes that hard to imagine not requiring no extra cooking ingredients.

Precautions to consider

Within a raw vegan diet good planning is essential to avoid possible shortages, paying particular attention to protein intake is sufficient. It is also very important to wash thoroughly with water and properly store food that will be eaten raw to avoid ingesting bacteria such as E. coli.

The very young, the elderly or those with digestive problems should consult a doctor before switching to raw food. Raw nuts can cause intolerance or stomach pain, so it is advisable to go by her incorporation into the diet slowly.

In general, as in any other diet, variety is very important to guarantee us the greatest number of vitamins, nutrients and minerals possible, whether we follow it 100% as if we combine it with other foods.

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