Six Attractions to Visit in and Around Maidstone

Maidstone has always been a popular commuter town for those working in London, but it has a lot of charm of its own. There are excellent transport links, green spaces and many fun attractions, starting off with the six we’ve picked out here.
1. Leeds Castle

Leeds Castle is a breath-taking castle which has seen hundreds of years of exciting history. It’s been home to Catherine of Aragon and Eleanor of Castile and served as a hospital during the Second World War. There are lots of beautiful objects and pictures to enjoy as well as acres of gardens.

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2. Buttercups Sanctuary for Goats

Buttercups is the only national sanctuary for goats in the UK. There are lots of experiences available to take part in, including taking goats for a walk. Or you can just go for a wander and buy some goat food to treat the goats as you go.

3. Mote Park

If the weather’s fine, then Mote Park in Maidstone is a great spot. It has 450 acres of parkland and woodland and has been on the site since the Mediaeval period. The 30-acre lake is home to lots of water activities, and there are lots of play areas for kids.

4. The Maidstone Distillery

This award-winning distillery is in the very heart of Maidstone and crafts quality spirits using a traditional method (which was developed in 1785!). Visitors can take a guided tour to learn more of the history and sample some of the distilled spirits. If you don’t fancy a tour, you can also visit the Bishop’s bar to enjoy a cocktail made of the spirits distilled on site.

5. Maidstone Museum

If you want to find out about the history of Maidstone, then the museum is a must-visit. It’s owned and operated by the local authority and is home to nationally important collections, including works of art, militaria and natural history. The museum is also home to one of Maidstone’s most famous residents – Iggy the iguanodon, who was discovered in a nearby quarry in 1834 and appears on the town crest.

6. Kent Life

Kent Life is a 28-acre heritage farm that’ll take you back in time. The vintage village gives you a glimpse into farming, education and daily life in the past, plus there are lots of activities for children.

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Visiting Maidstone before you decide to buy is a great idea to get to know the area, and these attractions are an excellent place to start.

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