How knitting and coffee go hand in hand

For crafters in the ‘cosy season’, nothing is better than settling down to do some crafting with a warm cup of coffee.

Not only is crafting a great way to relax but it is also a fantastic way to look after your mental health. It also allows you to create thoughtful and bespoke gifts, as you can craft a wide range of items, from homeware to clothing.

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Getting started

It’s very easy to get started if you are new to crafting. Beginners can order a knitting, crochet or macrame kit from an online specialist such as These will provide all the materials you need and will include instructions to make a broad range of beautiful items.

The rise of craft clubs and crafting cafes

While some use crafting as a bit of ‘me-time’ and like to knit alone, crafting is also a popular way to socialise with others. This has led to a rise in ‘crafting cafes’, a modern twist on good old-fashioned knitting circles. While there are no cafes in the UK catering just for knitters, many popular cafes host regular craft clubs, where you can get stuck into your favourite hobby whilst enjoying a barista-made coffee and a piece of cake.

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Joining a craft club can ease social isolation and provide a great way to make new like-minded friends in a relaxed setting, and the buzz of a coffee shop can make conversation flow more easily. Craft clubs also provide a way to build social confidence and act as an outlet for emotion through creativity in a setting that is safe and welcoming for both children and adults. The benefits of craft clubs are now widely recognised by healthcare providers, with so-called ‘social prescribing’ of social activities becoming more common.

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