Great gifts for a newborn

Choosing Gifts

Welcoming a newborn into the world is such a happy occasion, and choosing the perfect gift requires thoughtful consideration. In this guide, we will show you some perfect newborn gifts, offering a curated selection whether you are looking for practicality or sentimentality. Whether you’re a doting friend, a proud grandparent, or a parent seeking that ideal present, our compilation aims to share the best gift ideas.

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Our Gift Guide

1. A sweet cuddly toy: Select a plush toy and add a personal touch by having the newborn’s name or birthdate embroidered for a cherished keepsake. There’s something undeniably charming about those soft, huggable creatures that become a baby’s first friends. Whether it’s a knitted teddy bear, a crocheted bunny, or a cute little elephant, a cuddly companion is a timeless gesture.

2. A musical mobile: A mobile to hang above the crib will provide soothing songs for a calming bedtime routine.

3. A handprint and footprint kit: Give the ability to create lasting memories with a handprint and footprint kit, allowing parents to capture the newborn’s tiny prints.

4. Storybook collection: Introducing the love of reading from the very beginning is a gift that keeps on giving. A collection of classic children’s books or a personalised baby book can create lasting memories during those precious bedtime stories. Look for tales with vibrant illustrations and engaging narratives that will capture the baby’s attention as they grow.

5. A personalised blanket: Gift a blanket or some crochet blanket kits like those found at, choosing soft, breathable fabrics to keep the baby snug.

6. Teething toys: A gift combining both comfort and functionality, a plush teething ring is designed to soothe sore gums.

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7. Cosy baby booties: Keep tiny toes warm with a pair of soft and comfortable baby booties.

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