3 easy things that help you feel better

feel better

The road to wellness goes through feeling good. Like many things in our environment can affect us negatively, there are many paths we can take to improve our conscious mind and go towards happiness. Today I propose three easy little things that help you feel better.

To thank

Thanking others is a very powerful thing, whenever something really meaningful. And I’m not referring to thank one person for the door or hold you a coffee, I mean most important things in your life. Think about it a little, sure there are people that you thank have in your life, so be it. They may be friends, perhaps your partner, perhaps a family member. I cannot know, I do not know your life as you know it.

feel better
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I suggest one thing. Think one of those people who for a significant reason are important in your life, and just let them know. It can be a simple phone call, or while you are you having coffee, or even a message on the mobile.

When you have important things grateful, you will notice that even small things in life worth being thankful, and perhaps get used to give thanks for them also.

Does this sound weird? However, studies have shown the relationship between gratitude and increased happiness of the person who gives thanks. Worth a try, do not you think?


For many years, I am convinced that much of the enjoyment of things comes from the anticipation of the desire to enjoy. Small, only she received gifts for special occasions like Christmas or a birthday. When I grew up and I started working and have my own money, I realized that I no longer enjoyed the same about the new things acquired. I am sure that one of the reasons is precisely because I could buy what I wanted at the time that I wanted (within the limits of my budget, of course).

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The good news is that you can change. To return to enjoy things, it is important to plan and re-establish timeouts. If instead of buy and that thing you are interested, you wait a few months, when finally you have most likely enjoyed it more. In addition, the same goes plans, travel or anything else you can arrange in advance. Of course, it helps to be something new, you have not experienced yet.

View as be without any good thing

We usually complain about things we do not have, say it is within our human nature. However, what happens if you do the opposite exercise? I mean a little mental exercise. Choose a good thing in your life. It may be the presence of a person, a job you like, even some material thing. Now try to imagine how your life would be without such a good thing.

This exercise aims to realize two things: that nothing is guaranteed in life (i.e. you could be in a situation where you did not have that positive element), and of course, you have to appreciate what you have, because you have much importance. I’m not telling you to stop having dreams and aspirations, but do not complain for what you lack or bad you may have passed, because you also have good things in your life, and you have to support them to build and strengthen your happiness.

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