It’s holiday time! Here’s how to bring everything in a small space

pack fo your holiday

It’s time to go on vacation! It prepares the list; you buy the latest things, those, which cannot do without, to pack. But here is that the suitcase weighs a lot, too!

It is that we start by plane, by other means; the weight of the luggage can be quite a problem. Often you choose to light as for practical questions. How to do to bring everything you need in a small space? Here are some useful tips to start with everything you need, but light and comfortable.

pack fo your holiday
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1. Shoes, light and practical

Easily change your shoes every day, with a small footprint space, it can! They are the so-called Shooz Footwear ideal shoe for those who have the pleasure or the need to change shoes. Just connect the ends of the skin and the sole through the special waterproof zipper and, once the hinges are connected, close the snap closure on the heel. Simple, convenient and fast with the ability to customize their own shoes by choosing from a wide variety of soles to have, each time, different shoes to suit every occasion.

2. Handbag

Only the Japanese could invent such a hair dryer, just 200 grams! A tiny that most cannot. It is, in fact, in one hand and weighs only 200 grams. In addition, the travel hairdryer invented sold by Muji, the famous Japanese brand that sometimes can still surprise you with special effects.

It has two drying speed and you can tuck safely in the bag. Sold in a handy plastic case, it really is the right gadget for those who cannot give up a crease even camping.

3. Farewell liquids

Then there is the category of people who do not like to embark luggage, because you can lose, not to wait etc … And then how to do to bring so many liquid products?

The solution you found Luch! German company that invented shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and toothpaste in solid form. Each tablet weighs only 55g and is worth 3 bottles of 250g carefully formulated with the finest ingredients for the various types of hair, just like those liquids … Each candy is worth up to 80 washes and are extremely easy to carry around, even in hand luggage.

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4. Beauty Kit

We also think about beauty kit, realizing a beauty kit for all those people who do not give up on vacation at the beauty and body care.

From SOS beauty kit the weekend kit that contains all the empty containers always carry your favorite products, accessories are really a lot and there is plenty of choice to want to discover.

5. Slippers brings money

Indispensable to travel but above all to go to the beach without having to worry about leaving unattended wallet and documents. Flip-flops are the Reef Stash Sandal, rubber slippers with opening sounds to hide all his assets.

6. Always clean linen

This is probably the most important and useful invention for travelers, especially if the holiday lasts several days. It is a portable machine, is called Scrubba, slightly larger than a folded bag.

Just insert in the bag your laundry to be washed, the water and a drop of liquid detergent and rub it all on the appropriate board for three minutes. Rinse and you’re done. Lava as a standard washing machine cycle and is much more effective and faster than a hand wash. Perfect for body, the socks and the baby bedding. But also for the dirty clothes of older children.

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