How to pick your perfect front door colour

A beautiful front door is one of the first things we notice when we visit someone’s property, so the colour we choose for it is hugely important.

Colour psychology is often used to help guide the way we think about and perceive the world around us. This influences the colours that work for front doors in the same way it influences the colours we wear and use to decorate our lives.

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Colours are also trend-led and you will probably notice certain trends for door colours as you pass through your local neighbourhood. If you are wondering what the most stylish front doors in Cirencester are likely to look like in 2024, these are some of the ways to pick your perfect front door colour.

How to choose your front door colour

If you are investing in one of the smartest front doors Cirencester from a specialist such as Truhouse, a good starting point is to consider the type of feel you want to create:

Red is the colour of confidence, energy and power, and is popular for period homes.
Orange is joyful, extroverted and enthusiastic, creating a sense of energy and optimism.
Yellow is confident, bold, youthful, and very energetic.
Blue is a classic choice for doors, as it is peaceful, calm, and trustworthy.
Green signifies nature and is the colour of abundance.
Brown is earthy, reassuring, reliable, and safe.
Grey is mature, detached, and unemotional.
Black is a traditional choice for houses, as it is strong, formal, and sophisticated.

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Pick your favourite colour, choose a shade that works with the rest of your house and – above all – opt for the shade that really speaks to you for a welcoming doorway that will always delight.

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