Bottled water or tap water?


Water is part of the 7 daily basic foods  of my diet. What is being questioned is, however, not its importance. The question now is: Is it better to drink bottled water or tap water?

You will look strange (or maybe not) but the question I have been posing for years. Why spend money and make so much physical effort to get water when, just by simply opening the tap, can you benefit as long as you want?

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At first, getting rid of any controversy was my nutritionist: bottled water is the right choice. Initially I accepted the thing without asking me too many questions.

Nutritionist aside, the thought that someone can influence me on economic and market issues has reopened the debate. So in my little boy I tried to document and understand, once and for all, the problem. That’s what I found out.

Chemical pollution

Among the various multimedia documents I came across (see sources at the end of the article), the first clear distinction I understand is related to the process of potable water.

The faucet waters undergo a complex purification treatment, which also includes the use of certain basic chemicals to remove impurities and bacteria present in the soil (pollutants and all that is present in the crossing between the sky and the aquifers!).

In mineral waters, this treatment is not permitted by law: water is taken directly from the source and then, after proper checks, bottled and sold.

In practice, choosing bottled water is a bit like feeding on organic crops. For those with health problems, chemical intake should be avoided constantly; a body struggling to dispose of non-natural substances, causing in some cases an increase in disease. It goes without saying that, in my specific case, choice is almost obligatory.

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The label makes the difference

Whether it comes from a faucet or a natural source, every water possesses important mineral substances for our body. But what minerals do you talk about?

Here is another important feature that differentiates bottled water from home: the label.

Bottled water producers are required to indicate a set of information among which the minerals contained in the liquid. This is because there is no mineral water equal to the other, since the components of the ground where the source flows are different. If you want to know the substances contained in bottled water, you should read the label, which is not possible with the tap water, unless a personalized analysis is required.

Regular regeneration of mineral salts is essential for the well-being of our body; But this should not be done randomly … every choice must be thought out and studied according to their needs.

Caution: Some of these mineral waters contain substances that can harm the health of people with certain pathologies, so this should be indicated by a specialist depending on their health needs.


Information, you know, is never too much, but, given the assumptions, my research ends here: what I found was enough to silence my doubts definitively … or at least for the time being. Now my choice for bottled water is more conscious and devoid of obscure dilemmas.

There is, however, a neo in the question: the plastic container. I confess that the so consumed consumption of this polluting material puts me in daily crisis. But I can not control this though, so I will continue to live in the hope that someone finds an eco-sustainable solution that can also make people like me, more environmentally conscious, happy.

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