Destination: Fit and Healthy

With winter coming to a close and spring and summer just around the corner, many are turning their thoughts away from how to stay warm and cozy inside and thinking more about how to get fit and healthy. Maybe you have considered starting a healthy eating and exercise program now to give yourself a jumpstart in achieving your health and fitness goals.
Joining a health club or setting up a home gym are both great ways to get yourself motivated and on the road to a slimmer physique. Cleaning up your diet by removing processed foods, drinking water rather than sugary juices and sodas will not only help with looking healthier, it will help you to actually feel healthier. Last, but definitely not least, getting the proper amount of rest also plays a significant role in overall health and fitness. People who get more sleep have less cortisol. More info has shown that too much cortisol contributes to obesity. More than likely you have done your research on healthy foods, exercises and exercise equipment, and supplements to help you achieve optimal health and fitness. Now all that is left for you to do is to start putting your plan and research efforts into action.

Fit and Healthy

Perhaps your internet research has you contemplating how you can combine getting healthy while vacationing. Instead of a stay-cation, it could possibly be thought of as a health-cation. Here are a few places where you could go to have fun and get healthy.


This is a great opportunity to literally get in touch with nature and all that it has to offer. This health and fitness vacation affords you the opportunity to spend time learning what is known as “wild moving.” Wild moving involves barefoot running, climbing, and swimming. Your diet will be truly inspired by nature, consisting of meats, fruits, and vegetables. No dairy, sugar, or processed foods on this adventure. In addition to getting fit and strong, you will also be taught techniques for getting enough rest. After you finish with your Kenyan adventure, you will definitely enjoy staying at the hotel which sits on white sand beaches with a view of the Indian Ocean.

Appalachian Trail

The Appalachian Mountains are very beautiful indeed, and if hiking is more to your liking, then this is a place you should definitely consider. The trail itself is quite challenging. So much so that those who choose to tackle it can consume upwards of 6000 calories per day of calorie-laden foods and still lose weight and get fit. The Appalachian Trail begins in Georgia and ends in Maine.

Detoxification Retreat

If you are looking for a fitness vacation that allows you to relax while simultaneously getting fit and slim (who wouldn’t want that?), a detoxification retreat in Bali, Indonesia could be precisely what you need and want. Located in the Ubud district of Bali, the view from your resort is stunning. The steep hillside location gives you a great vantage point of the lush, green, tranquility that you have been seeking. You will be treated to various mud wraps, given soothing and regenerative herbal teas, and acupuncture. For getting fit, yoga classes done in a relaxing environment or taking a five-hour long hike to Mt. Batur to see the beautiful sunrise are both wonderful opportunities.

Now that you have some ideas as to how to combine getting fit and healthy while going away for vacation, all you have to do is decide what suits you best. Doing some internet research will give you more info on different places throughout the world that lead you to destination fit and healthy.

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