Top Things You Need If You’re Starting a Corporate Job

What is the most important thing before you actually start your work

Getting a corporate job is a dream for many people, especially freshly graduated college students who are tired of applying to internships. Just think about it: you have a nice office with your own desk that you can decorate to your liking, a 9 to 5 work schedule that allows you to have a great work-life balance, and of course plenty of cute outfits that you can wear. Keeping a professional appearance is a crucial part of having such a position, so here are the top things you should invest in when securing a corporate job.

Minimalist Jewelry Collection

The office might not be the best place to rock your chunky gold hoops or the beaded choker necklaces that you love, but you can still look amazing and showcase your personality even when sticking to a dress code. If you are in your twenties, creating a small collection of classy and minimalist jewelry is a must not only for the work environment, but your whole life in general. Such simple pieces as basic diamond studs, tennis bracelets, and a timeless pendant necklace will ensure that you always look chic and put together no matter what outfit you pair them with.

Knit Sweater

We all love sweaters for how warm and snug they are, but the versatility of a good Irish knit sweater goes far beyond that. On a cold winter day, you can wear a cream or beige Irish sweater  as these instead of the classic button-up shirt, or you can layer it over a white long sleeve top for additional warmth. Once the weather gets warmer, you can pair your jumper with a sturdy blazer that will maintain your polished image without sacrificing your comfort and style. The original design of an Irish knit sweater will make you stand out in the office yet not be too overpowering.

Essential Kit

Before starting your corporate job, take your time to create a small kit filled with all the essentials you might need once at the office. Take a compact pouch that fits in your work bag and put everything that can come in handy in different situations such as band aids, painkillers, sanitary products, a hand cream and a lip balm, a small mirror, gum, floss, and others. Tide to Go pens for stain removal are something that corporate girls swear by: you never know when you’ll spill coffee or ketchup on your garments, and these removers will clean your clothing of fresh food stains in no time.

Comfortable Work Shoes

When it comes to shoes, we often think that comfort and style are mutually exclusive, but although we can survive a night out in high heels, the office calls for something completely different that you can wear everyday without feeling uncomfortable. Look for a classic black pair made of resistant materials like real leather and make sure they fit you perfectly. Office shoes are the one thing that you should never skimp on, as a high-quality pair of loafers, flats, or pumps will not only be suitable for your work outfits, but will be good for your posture and general well-being.

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