Five exercises for a sexy arms, toned and very feminine


If you say that tone your arms only requires about 30-45 minutes a week … Would you? It is one of the parts of our anatomy that most concern us: we want them female, sexy and defined but without reaching the levels of Britney! So you propose 5 perfect exercises to define your arms … With a little perseverance!

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It needless you perform all the exercises in a single routine, but that can divide throughout the week. Try a series of at least 3 runs and a 4-8 reps per. And as always, if you have doubts, please consult a professional.

  1. ‘Dips’ or funds: The funds are one of the classic exercises for arms (particularly triceps) that can run virtually anywhere. You simply worth a chair … and a lot of patience, because it is not a simple exercise precisely. If you’ve never done before, you mastered the technique: low until you stretch your arms and then drop down gently to the ground. Repeat the operation from the beginning.
  2. Curl invested with bar Z: It can be done with a barbell, but preferably with a ‘Z bar’ for greater symmetry.Standing with arms outstretched, hold the bar (with not much weight) with the palm inward. Bend the elbows and bring the bar to your chest all you can. Return to the original position and repeat. If you do not have a ‘bar Z’, try the version with a slash or lose weight also drive it toward your chest.
  3. Tricep Kick: Another great exercise that will work our triceps. Standing with his back bent but straight and legs slightly bent, she puts a hand on a wall (or a bank) and pick up a dumbbell with the other. Raises the arm until it parallel to the ground but with the elbow at an angle of 90°. Are you ready? Bend the elbow to stop completely straight arm and forearm. Lower again and repeat 6-8 times and then alternating with the other arm.
  4. Curl biceps hammer style: The alternative to classic ‘curl’ bicep is our favorite because it causes less impact. Stand with your arms close to the torso, we take the dumbbells in each hand as if they were a hammer and we will double our arm at the elbow almost to touch the shoulder. We descended slowly (no rebounds) and repeat with the other arm.
  5. Bird: This exercise does not work properly arm, but the shoulder rotator muscles, but it’s great to bring the whole and give a sense of wider shoulders. Sit on the edge of a chair leaning forward, almost touching your chest legs.

Your arms should be ‘hanging’ into the ground as if dead, and then execute the exercise with small weights, raising her arms as if we were a bird (hence the name of the routine), slightly bent at the elbows and up aligned with them behind us. Off, we repeat.

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