Edible Spring Plants to Look For

With so much life coming back to the countryside in the Spring, for a forager looking for some delicious wild food, now is the time to get out there! Dress for the unpredictable weather in clothing like these irish mens sweaters and go and see what you can find for tea! Here are some of the things to look out for…

Hawthorn – This is a plant that is associated with the spring, and more specifically with the month of May. This is also a good time to pick the edible leaves, which are also known as bread and cheese! You can also eat the flower buds.

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Lime – The leaves of the lime tree are now at their best. Look for the young leaves, which can either be cooked or eaten raw – they are delicious added to a salad or in a sandwich for extra flavour and have a citrusy sort of taste to them, perfect for the summer.

Oxeye Daisies – As well as being beautiful, these flowers are also delicious! Pick the leaves first, as these often come before the flowers and taste better when new grown. The flowers can also be eaten into the summer and make a great addition to a salad, as well as for a dessert.

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Sorrel – The leaves of the sorrel can often be found growing in a meadow during the late spring and early summer. When picking the leaves, take the younger ones, as these have the best flavour. The taste is slightly lemony and perfect for adding to summer soups.

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