Essential Foundation: Bridal Lingerie 101

While you might be under the impression that choosing the right dress is the only major sartorial decision you will have to make for your wedding day, there is actually another crucial choice: what goes under that dress! After all, your wedding night is going to be one of the most special nights of your life, so you want to be sure you look your best. There is something else to bear in mind too. Not only will the right set of lingerie make you feel gorgeous and glamorous, thus boosting your confidence, it can also affect how your dress fits and looks.

Essential Foundation

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The Right Fit: In order to make sure that the lingerie you want will work out, you need to try out different lingerie underneath your bridal gown. After all you don’t want any visible straps or anything else that might ruin your overall look and silhouette.

Keeping Things in Place: Once you have found the lingerie that fits you best, you might even want it sewn into the dress, in case you are worried about revealing more of your bra than you want to during the service or the reception!

Break Convention: Then again you could always go bra-less, if your dress provides you with enough support. But never fear, you can still invest in other gorgeous items of lingerie to wear under your dress, such as a sexy garter, stockings and knickers.

The Right Hue: When it comes to choosing the colour, don’t feel that you have to restrict yourself to white. A gorgeous shade of cream may look better under your dress than a flashy bright white.

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Where to Look

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Now that your bridal delicates are sorted you are sure to feel sexy and fabulous on your wedding night, giving you extra confidence once the big bridal gown has been carefully stowed away.

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