Helping our children to choose their profession

Hope you are a regular visitor of CarolineJoyBlog, and so far you have read my other articles and in this article I will try to explain the thought according to one of my friend, who is really concerned about her children and I will try to explain you as her words…

When I asked my oldest son was going to study what profession, told me that he just wanted to travel and do not know what to say. Instead my daughter, the youngest of the family, has always said she wants to be a doctor. Admires her father who is a doctor, I’m not surprised her desire to be like him.

And although it was not easy at first to guide my son, I can say that I feel satisfied for having encouraged following their dreams, but more importantly, having a clear objective and commitment to stick with it.

Help children to choose their profession
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My son, the artist is studying today Production Engineering in Music, shall communicate a semester abroad. In the end, you are traveling as he always wanted and is preparing to be the best in your area. I never imagined that there was a race like that, but at the end of the day, researching online about music academic programs has its benefits. Give them wings to fly and roots to return.

While say not born with instruction manual under the arm about being a good mother, here I share some tips to show greater solidarity and guide our children in the transition from high school to college.

1. Show empathy

Learn to listen, silent and nods, never mind that inside you know the correct answer, have the most obvious advice or experience to know that what you are asking your child is not the best choice, still listening, as it is empathic listening attentively, which will open a channel of effective communication, which also foster the trust and healthy family life.

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2. Find information and show it

Currently, access to information allows comparison between career options. It is vital as the responsibility of both parents and child, know and study the academic plan of careers possible to study, to evaluate benefits within the curricular value and for the development of our young students.

Sometimes our children are influenced by comments from friends or people they most admire, so possibly not listen when you tell them that living in a family of doctors or lawyers, it would make sense to study law or medicine when you as a parent have witnessed that very young your child is a born artist, passionate about music and technology.

Then, Research! It is very common to find nowadays websites, academic plans of university courses, print or send him the link to your mail, and do not forget the most important thing: to put to options. It is valid to want to make a last effort to convince him to want to be a lawyer, however, must accept the vocation cannot be denied. Update your information methods and discover new professional trends. You’ll be surprised with the amount of runs and complementary specialties that can guide your children to be successful and most importantly, happy professionals.

3. Rate your potential and develop your talent

Peer pressure is a factor that gradually affects our children, the opinion of your friends, your boyfriend or girlfriend, family demands, as well as recognize that it is not good at something you truly passionate or as usually happens, is good for many things and master different areas of study.

What should we do as parents? It’s simple, believe in our children. Inscribe it on a short course the topic of your choice. Browse over you know someone who is engaged in the professional area of ​​interest for your child, your experience can serve and even can become your mentor; ask about their likes, favorite activities, how would your dream job, working in a reputable company, as a freelancer or independent, as owner of his own business. Scenarios arise together.

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You can tell that there are several areas of study in the world of the arts, however, you know that music is the area par excellence with the greatest potential in various professional fields and who can now combine it with specific, such as composition issues, production musical, audiovisual production, film, entertainment business, marketing, design and so on. Leverages its capabilities and merges what you like and what is good, assessing their potential and develop their talents. Words of encouragement can open many doors and strong links are created in the relationship between parents and children.

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