Relationships at work


The sites to get a couple can be as varied as the different forms of interaction-established people: the park, the church, the school, a party, a wake, a traffic incident or why not? The work

Where human sexuality are brought together, the need to love and be loved, the experience adventure, to tempting forbidden to start in the nets of love, in short, have a relationship at work, it has consequences positive or negative and all.

How did the relationship begin?

There are many ways as a partner is known and joins; differences, similarities, proximity, continuous treatment, complementary being the teamwork, excessive time spent in an office, beckoning to forbidden to be the most enjoyable day, completing what is not you have at home or with the official partner, in short, the range is impressive. The mutual agreement and the conviction or until the pressure harassing harassment in the most extreme and unpleasant cases.

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Often they referred not have the same expectations of living together as a couple, as well relationships could be more convenience, fun, passion or complementary only. However, generate the same emotional distress that a relationship outside of this context.

The combinations are as coarse as existing partners, in some may be a secret: the boss’s secretary, colleagues who do their work together and walk all day in coexistence, an employee (a) the lesser / the head. Those looking for a pretext to spend most of the time side by side, those who need each other to make any production process, also passed to the less probability list, the company president with someone messaging or quartermaster, finally, each of them could be unique.

Cupid often makes its presence felt aversion or rejection by the person and then you see the positive side, when attracted. However, partners in the work can interfere with the objectives of the company, so in some cases since the signing of the contract are made ​​to view this restriction on the employee s, which sometimes works to remove them or attempt to risks however.

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Positive consequences

In the part of the positive, motivating people to not miss, be more creative, efficient, and productive, in a better mood, make more bearable the burden when it comes to routine work or loaded much stress. For employees responsible infect others with optimism and zest for life, generally humorous, put their bit to achieve the objectives of the company. They collaborate to make a positive organizational climate and can be more satisfied with their work and of course their relationship.

Office romances go through the common infatuation between the relations of everyday life at the same time risking intimacy within the facility, which can range from a simple brush of lips, a passionate kiss, to flip head office ending in a sexual relationship.

Negative consequences

If the situation faced by the members involved is conflict, then the dynamics of one’s partner, is able to influence negatively not only between themselves, but between co-workers can reach the realm of family life of both , all also at the expense of the company.

If there is an open benefit to someone, they quickly leave the gossip, rumors, jealousy, and envy, being able to change square or termination of the contract by the external or internal pressure or other third parties involved. If it comes to people with some power, they can block the production processes of the couple provided to feel the force openly or covertly, of course at the expense of the company. All this without counting domestic spending in human resources (taking time to tell what happened to colleagues or wasting time be broadcasting rumors, jokes, etc.) and materials (using the Internet or intranet, utility company cars, cell phones, telephones, stationery, PC’s or other company resources to block the other). Invest time to give free rein to the relationship, neglecting work (missing, leaving pending or incomplete activities to be with your loved one).

All this without counting the various situations of sexual harassment or harassment when someone does not want to continue a relationship or want to leave and of course the other person refuses to leave her alone, inside or outside the office.

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Sexuality and work

Despite the restrictions of some companies to regulate sexuality at work, peer relationships will continue to exist despite the consequences that generated them.

Suggestions for change

  • The consequences: positive or negative that can have a relationship.
  • If there were a complementary relationship or an affair, measuring employment consequences or family would have to be discovered.
  • Analyze personal history, to decide the continuity of the relationship and if couples can plan, objectives forward together.
  • If risk, act discreetly in order to avoid gossip or backbiting that wear the image of both.
  • Take every precaution in order to avoid detection “red-handed”, although certain people like to tempt the risk and danger, which generates an ingredient in addition to the relationship excitement.

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