Creating a Happy Blended Family Home Right from the Start

The ‘blended family’ – where a couple get together, both with children from previous relationships and move in together- is definitely on the rise. This situation is now just as common as a nuclear family, yet it can raise a lot of issues and cause problems from time to time – it is a situation that comes with a lot of choppy waters to navigate.

Every blended family is different and circumstances and needs will sometimes mean that difficult decisions have to be made, but there are some ways that you can try to get the situation to settle a little more calmly and with as little stress as possible!

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When moving everyone into one house, there may be tensions or worries – both the parents and the kids can feel stressed. Make sure that everyone has plenty of room and a space to retreat to that is their own, and they can get away from it all if necessary. You may want to consider increasing the size of your home to add more bedrooms with an extension or move into an entirely new home. Another good option is to build a place of your own t suit your unique needs – look at something like these self build homes Sutton Coldfield

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If you involve everyone in the process, it will give everyone their own sense of control over the situation and help to make everyone feel included – a great way to do this is to get kids to design how they want their own rooms, and get them to help with choosing colours etc.

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