The final cut: avoiding those annoying shaving nicks

For many men, shaving their face is an accepted part of life. For the great majority of the time during which shaving has been considered important, people have been doing so using manual, non-moving blades.

Today many people still use manual razors; however, even though these have undergone numerous design alterations over the years for comfort and performance, from straight razors to modern cartridge and DE safety razors, it is still all too easy to cut yourself and some will swear off shaving altogether.

Below we have gathered together a few of the best steps to take to avoid giving yourself any annoying nicks or cuts next time you shave.

Exfoliating beforehand

As highlighted by Gillette, washing your face with an exfoliant such as a scrub can help to minimise possible cuts and irritation. By exfoliating, you remove any build-up of dead skin cells, excess oils and dirt, allowing a closer shave.

The final cut

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Finding the right shaving cream

A good shaving cream will provide a thick layer to lubricate and protect and is also suited to your skin balance. If you already suffer from dry facial skin, it may be worth buying an alcohol-free cream or one that contains soothing ingredients such as aloe vera.

A suitable razor

One of the things that can make people dread shaving, and can lead to discomfort and nicks, is not having the right razor, whether this is one you cannot use effectively or one that is not right for your skin or facial hair type. The slant and sharpness of the blade(s) will determine how close a shave is possible, although it may be worth compromising on this if you are new to manual shaving or are not confident in your technique.

Thanks to a resurgence in interest, online retailers such as now sell very sharp classic-style razors that come both with or without safety guards or similar features.

Aftershaves and balms

Immediately after shaving, the skin around the area is especially sensitive. If the skin is excessively irritated by repeated shaves, this can lead to broken skin and soreness. For those who are concerned about the condition of their skin and are looking to avoid any future breakage, a low or alcohol-free moisturising aftershave or balm is recommended.

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