Most watched TV events of all time

Well now here’s a bit of trivia for you. What is the most watched televised event on record in the UK. It’s not always nice things I’m afraid. Television weren’t considered very much before the 1950s as there wasn’t much on any way. The radio was still the dominate force for entertainment and information. Any news items worth looking at were come up in the Pate news reels at the cinema. It wasn’t until Elizabeth the Seconds coronation that people began to get tv’s primarily for that reason. In those days you could rent a tv and not buy. Everyone crowed round whomever had a tv that day so unsurprisingly the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth the Second is not on the list although it deserves an honourable mention as for many it was the first time they had ever seen a tv in action. So, let make sure our TV Aerial Installation Swansea or wherever you are in the UK is in place and of we go. By the way if you need a one of those are worth a look.

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  1. England win the World cup in 1966. They may have only seen it in black and white but this still remains fifty-two years later the most watched event on Television. It is a big one. It a was watched by 32.3 million people which even now would be over half the population and when you consider that the population back then was at fifty-four million it’s not a record that’s going to be easily beaten. To be fair many of them were Scottish and Welsh people cheering on the Germans but its still a nice thing to have as number 1.
  2. The Funeral of Diana, Princess of Wales. Not such a nice one for number two I’m afraid. No one in the country could say that they were not affected by this event or even have avoided it. The nation has never seen such shock and sadness before and it is unlikely that we shall ever experience it again. It was also watched by 32 million people.
  3. The Royal Family A documentary. Bet you though it was Diana’s wedding! No, it’s this 1969 look at the Royal family which was very in depth at time.
  4. Apollo 13 splash down. Not the Moon landing but the successful end of the ill-fated mission that almost saw the deaths of three astronauts. The nation wanted to make sure they got back ok, well 28.6 million of us at least.
  5. The 1970 FA cup final replay. Not even the real thing and another surprise. It was the famous Glamour boys of Chelsea versus the rough tough lads from Leeds United. It was one of the most fiercely contested and fiery games ever. 28.49 million people tuned in to see it.
  6. Wedding of Charles and Diana. A much happier time. 28.40 million people.

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