Three tips for saving money on international calls

International communications have vastly changed for both personal and business users in recent times. It is essential that people have knowledge when it comes to getting the best value on their international calls. Here are three simple ways in which users can get the full benefit of international calls.

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Reduce Personal Costs

Advances in technology over the years have meant that international calls have become free. With the development of apps like Whatsapp and Skype, as long as you have a Wi-Fi connection you can talk to anyone anywhere in the world. You will need access to a high-speed connection if you require the video function to work. Many public spaces provide Wi-Fi networks, so you can make international calls whilst having a coffee or on your lunch break. These advancements mean that there is little difference between, local, regional and international calls.

Reduce Business Costs – Improve Outbound Call Security

If you are a business that needs to make international calls, however, you might be worried about colleagues abusing this power and making unnecessary calls to their family in Australia. You can put security measures in place. You can assign security levels to users, giving them PIN numbers and assigning users to a group. This restricts the type of calls they are likely to make, as they will be monitored and caught if attempting to make unauthorised calls.

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Reduce Business Costs – Use Video Conferencing

International communications costs can be substantially reduced with the increased use of video conferencing. Companies no longer need to spend vast amounts of money on travel or international calls if they invest in a video conferencing environment. Skype can assist with the organising of a video conference by allowing you to tap into a meeting organiser which then emails all the necessary participants. There are more complex systems which allow for files to be transferred and desktop sharing capabilities.

An international VoIP wholesale provider such as can help with creating the right impression of your business to your customers. It is essential when technology is changing so quickly that businesses keep up with the methods of communication.

International calls used to be an expensive outlay for a growing business, but with the advances in communication channels, international calling has been made almost a free commodity.

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