3 summer sports you should try

summer sports

It’s summer, and is the perfect time to try some sports and activities. We propose four: canyoning, rafting and beach volleyball. Although these adventure sports or traditional theory can be practiced at any time of the year, certainly the summer is best suited to discover and exercise while you’re having fun.

Adventure sports summer


Perhaps best known with the Anglo – Saxon term canyoning, canyoning is to explore canyons and ravines of the river, following the course of it and resolving the various obstacles that arise along the way, such as waterfalls, ponds, rocks, and others.

summer sports
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It is an adventure sport that presents certain risks (falls, bumps), so you have to practice with a competent guide and with proper safety equipment: helmets, harnesses and ropes, wetsuits, booties, besides going with first aid kit. It is a very pleasant summer activity that lets you test exercises like:

  • Rappelling down a waterfall: At first, it may impress, since the technique is counter intuitive: to get off properly put the body at right angles to the wall, i.e. parallel to the ground, and our instinct usually indicates us that we stick vertically to the Wall. But if we are not well perpendicular to the rock slide feet. It is a technique you learn very fast, and it is very exciting to go down significant heights with the body hanging in the void.
  • Using the river as a slide: It is the most fun part definitely. When wearing wetsuits, contact with the rock just feel and some parts of the rivers there are natural slides that can be downloaded sitting or lying face up. It’s refreshing and fun.
  • Swim in pools: Canyoning allows access to areas of very exclusive bathroom, especially the natural pools formed by millions of years of erosion. The water is very fresh and pure, and is a joy.


Another adventure sport that takes place in the water. In this case, it is using a boat called raft to follow the currents (typically bravas) a river. This activity is usually called summer by the English term, but also known as rafting or rafting.

Again, it is a sport that requires having adequate equipment, similar to that quoted for canyoning, and a professional guide. There are many categories of decline depending on the forces of currents, and need to learn some basic techniques to understand the orders, namely rowing, namely placed for the raft not I poured, etc …

It is a very exciting team sport that combines the thrills of speed and fight against natural elements. Besides going on a raft, you can practice individually with kayaks.

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Beach volleyball: summer sport?

The so – called “beach volleyball” is a summer classic, and many beaches already have enabled fans to come to practice this sport fields equipment. The good news is that it is an activity that requires very little equipment (a part of the net and the ball). Of course, you need to go well protected from the sun (hat, sunglasses, sunscreen), and take care of some injuries (ankles, knees, wrists, fingers).

Beach volleyball can play two against two, three against three and five against five. The more players less effort, and balancing the teams with rookies people and more experienced players can have a good time doing some exercise.

I think the most fun part is to construct points, because when a team receives a ball from the other team is allowed three touches. The first player tries to pass the ball the best way I can a player known as the underwriter, which is usually in the center of the field next to the network. The underwriter in turn passes it to another player (which may be the same as passed the ball), so you can finish and perhaps mark the spot.

At first, beginners players seek only return the ball as you can across the network. But over time, they are trying to build those plays, which leads to some very funny points, especially when one of the players is prone to do any acrobatics to retrieve the ball.

Try something new

I have made these three examples of summer sports, because many people never have tried (except perhaps the beach volleyball, which is very popular). I think summer is an ideal time to try different activities. It is one of the best ways to combat the monotony and learn new things. There are many more adventure sports to discover. You dare?

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